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3 years late, but meh!
Nov 18, 2002
Yes, Homer pawns the TV, something he would never do past this episode. Yes, Homer leads the family to be better, and yes, Marge gets drunk in front of everyone. But this was the first episode I ever saw, and it remains a classic in my mind. It effortlessly makes the simplest of lines funny and sets Burns' characterisation firmly in stone: Forgetting Homer's name, automatically winning the race, the energy conservation scheme being 'dead as a dodo!' etc. The first act was extremely funny in Burns' mansion ("Be normal!!"), the second was a little dry but the 3rd, with the family in Marvin Monroe's, made up for it with the classic shocking scene and the excellent ending. Overall, an A-.
Not much I have to say about this episode. I give it a bit of leverage because it is one of the first episodes, so the were still working out the kinks, but it is still very flawed. Horrible characterizations, and not very funny. Basically, out of season one, there is no disgrace like this episode. Yup, that's right, I think it's worse than Homer's Oddyssey(or however the fuck you spell that). 4/10
5/5 - Best of Season One for me.

Favourite Part would be Marvin Monroe's tv ad where the couple repeatedly tell each other to shut up, only to have their kid walk in and say:

Why don't you BOTH shut up?
It was one of the better season one episodes. I liked how much Homer actually cared about his family's appearance. I also liked the clockwork Orange part in Dr. Monroe's office
It's pretty good, but as Mike Reiss said, three members of OFF are almost the complete opposite of what their characters would become. Overall, it's probably the first decent episode produced.

There's no point damning an episode because it contradicts characterisations that were established later on in the series. Plenty of decent stuff here anyway, in the top half of Season 1. B/B-
"There's No Disgrace Like Home" was the first episode I ever saw and still is one of my favourites. Some rate episodes on colour and perfection but I rate episodes on story. It's funny and has a great story-line.

2/5 for the jokes it contained. It was painful to see Homer, the laziest family member, turning into the most responsible. Bart was the only one on-character, but that didn't stand out because Lisa was his exact duplicate. Burns did have good character, but he had already started to be characterized before this episode. I wouldn't have minded greatly if the family was badly characterized, but they didn't even have a character. They were all the same person in different bodies. The most un-Simpsonish episode of all time, but not the most un-funny. I still like when they come to their house after their search and before he knows its their own house, Bart calls it a dump.
This episode is one of the ones that embodies what is generally disliked about the first season. The animation is horrid. Nearly everyone is out-of-character. The plot is quite basic and even somewhat conventional (someone realizes that his family isn't acting normal, so he tries to resolve their problems with a psychiatrist). It is slow-paced to the point of being almost boring, and the ending is predictable.

With all that said, it's still a decent episode. It's actually interesting to watch simply because it's amazing how much the show has grown from this. There's a lot of nice moments throughout, such as Lisa and Bart fighting over who loves Homer more, "Kiss you? But Dad, I'm your kid!", "One of us! One of us!", and the Simpsons seeing what "normal" families are like. It also contains a classic Homer line: "When will I learn? The answers to life's problems aren't at the bottom of a bottle, they're on TV!" The electro-therapy scene, though a bit overrated, is still one of the most memorable moments in the show's history.

Rating: C+ or 3/5
Hmm, I actually prefer it when the shows have a rather basic premise. It opens up the door for more development to that premise as well as the opportunity of writing. I know that sounds kind of wierd, but when the show is shifting from non-sensical scene to the next, there's barely any developement, and I feel like that's just one of the reasons why the newer episodes generally suck so bad. When you have a clear focus on something, you can do more, and do it better, imo.
I love this episode! So classic, so inoccent, so creative, SO GREAT! 5/5! Very funny, especially at Monroe's when Bart takes the sponge off the beating stick things and hits monroe in the leg!
This episode isn't great, but it is most certainly a guilty pleasure of mine. Characterization is as far off as possible, especially Lisa and Bart, who have disturbingly identical characterisation, but it's just a fun episode, and a whole lot funner when you don't take it seriously. B+
a weaker episode for me.
The Simpsons family is a little bit off in the characterisation,
but i guess mostly because of season 1. The story is not bad and i agree,
if you don't mind the slightly different characterisation it's really fun to watch

I've always had mixed feelings about this episode. On one hand, I think it's a classic episode in its own way because the scene in Marvin Monroe's office is so memorable but the characterisation is way off with Lisa being more of a brat and Homer being the one who's embarrassed by the family (and of course, pawning the TV). Like a lot of Season 1 eps it's also an introductory episode of sorts so it's not one I'm inclined to watch very often but I really can't rate it lower than 4/5.
This was not a very well done episode. Homer was way, way out of character, and the whole family was very un-Simpson-ish, very bitter, disloyal and unloving, especially towards Homer. However, this has a staple of the Simpsons, possibly the one perfect picture of the family: the shock therapy. Without a doubt one of the best scenes ever to be shown in the history of television. And Marge's musical number and the "spying on the neighbors" sequence were too hilarious to not be held in high regard. Therefore, I cannot say that I dislike this episode, no matter how may mistakes it has. And after all, the ending pretty much fixed everything up, kind of in preparation for the REAL Simpsons. 4/5
I think this is one of Season 1's better episodes. I give this season some leeway in terms of characterization due to how premature each character's development was by this point. And of course, the Dr. Monroe bits were priceless. Weak 4/5
God, I loved this one! Doesn't stand out too much in terms of being overly created, but it was done great and very memorable for me.

When I watch this episode I must pretend that Homer's role is being played by Marge and vice versa. That role change is inexplicable even at the first season. Marge being a drunk jerk? Homer as the sensible side of the family? That was awfully wrong.

Anyway, the episode is so good... Funny, fresh, satirical and, forgetting the exchanged characterizations, great and probably the best from season 1. But that incomprehensible situation takes a whole point from my mark and it finally stays at 9/10.
Like most of season 1, I don't really like this episode. I think the characterizations are painfully bad. Everything else wrong with this episode applies to most (if not all) of the episodes this season. However, I guess I could watch this episode if I had to. Besides the characterizations, there's nothing awful about this episode. Overall: A generous 3/5.
Horrible characterizations, some poor animation, and a bit dull through the second act

HOWEVER, the episode jumps from a D to a B after they get to Marvin Monroe's. Seriously, the last five minutes really carry the episode

Let's just call it the anti-Mike Scully episode

3.5/5, C+/B-