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Great episode, a true classic. Artie Ziff had a memorable first appearance, and fit the bill perfectly. Homer trying to get through school and joining Marge's class was hilarious, as was Patty and Selma's impressions of Homer. I haven't seen this one for a while, but I really should - A+
First of all, where's the poll? Second of all, it is called "The Way We Was". Third of all, this is a truly classic episode with some great moments - one of the best flashbacks. 5/5.
Just watched it last week and it gets better everytime I see it. First off, when I watch an episode I've not seen in years, I look at the direction and camera angles, which usually helps me enjoy it more. Artie Ziff was an amazing character, who luckily got fleshed out a bit later on. Tied for best flashback episode with Homer's Barbershop Quartet.
This is a good episode, containing a good plot, laced with some good jokes, some good emotional moments, some good use of music! Animation's not perfect, and I'm not very used to seeing Marge with her hair down, but for the season, the animation was good. Homer saying how he'll hug and kiss Marge and never let her go is a definite "awwww..." moment. In fact, I think you'll quite agree, this is a good episode.
yeh homer is cool when he is young voice is funny HEY BARNEY GUESS WHO GOT A DATE FOR THE PROM
I think that this episode is slightly overrated, I think that it is slightly below average for a flashback episode, I much prefered I Married Marge, Lisa's First Word, Homer's Barbarshop Quartet, Lisa's Sax and the The Way We Weren't. That being said, it is still a very good episode filled with humor and emotion. B+
Homer Jay said:
I think that it is slightly below average for a flashback episode, I much prefered I Married Marge, Lisa's First Word, Homer's Barbarshop Quartet, Lisa's Sax and the The Way We Weren't.

I like I Married Marge better than this episode, simply because it's much funnier, without sacrificing anything that made The Way We Was great, and because it packs in three origin stories (Marge and Homer's wedding, Homer's SNPP job, Bart's birth) without giving up any story flow, detail, or coherent mood. It's still only a slight degree of difference between A+ episodes.
Well, I haven't seen it very recently, but I remember it being a very good episode, especially for season 2. I really enjoy flashback episodes, and this was always one that I liked. For now, I give it a 4/5, although my grade may change once I see it again.
Great episode, I love seeing Homer and Barney in High School and Lovitz as Artie Ziff, I like seeing Homer be sweet and touching while at the same time being clueless
Its a flashback. The first. Its gotta be good.

Not my favorite flashback, but it has good emotion and nostalgia. Its not a real jokey episode, but there are about 5-10 moments that just get me laughing every time. And the ending...great. I think Bart gagging was the cherry on top. 5/5

"Hey Barney, guess who's got a date to the prom!"

"Will you go to the prom with me?"
"Good God, No!" (I love how that line is said)

A wonderful flashback episode...nostalgic, sweet, well-written, great plot, stellar characterization, touching, humorous, what more could you ask for?
I always crack up when Marge tells Homer that she hates him, then only a couple seconds later he calls up Barney and says "Guess who's got a date for the prom!" Classic Homer, totally clueless and self-centered.

The ending was sweet. "Once you leave this car, I'm gonna hug you, and kiss you, and then I'll never be able to let you go."
The Way We Was is just an excellent, sweet, unforgettable episode, that really set a bar for the future flashback episodes that could not be met. It had spot on characterizations, good references to the time period that made you feel like you were really living in that year, a nice wraparound of Homer and Marge telling the kids the story, and, finally, the great plot that gave us the story of how Homer and Marge met. In short, it's an amazing episode that just cannot be beat, and is one of season 2's best.

5/5, A+
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If there is such thing as a perfect episode, this is definitely it. The first flashback show is also the best, although there would be other good flashbacks to come. It did create a limiting generational fence that the Simpsons has been forced to step out of over the years, but it's worth it. This is one of the episodes that I most strongly associate with the series, and I honestly cannot imagine never having this wonderful gem as part of its history. Actually, some of my most vivid memories of falling in love with this show involve season 2. I was only 7 or 8 when it first aired, but I still remember where I was (my bedroom with my black-and-white tv, while the rest of the family watched something else in the living room,) what I was doing (trying not to choke to death, as I had just wolfed down my dinner) and how I felt as it aired (genuine fascination with the back story, and surprise to learn that Marge's last name was Bouvier. It was actually a big topic of discussion at school the next day.) It may sound silly, but this is the type of affect the show had on people, young and old I'm sure. Every episode was an event.
The Way We Was is an engaging, funny, and moving episode, even if Bart thinks otherwise. :lol: Marge and Homer, even through all their dysfunction, really are a sweet couple.

An A+ for sure.