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Aug 27, 2001
Las Vegas, NV
Rate and Review Tonight's Episode...'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky. This thread will be opened after the episode has ended on the east coast.
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I thought tonight's episode was pretty good. A lot of great gags and jokes. Lisa episodes are usually good episodes. I wasn't so sure about Bart, who felt kind of out of character when Nelson made him cry. The ending was hilarious with Milhouse. 4/5.
It was alright I guess. Except that stupid thing with Bart looking at the skinner webpage, and then Willy catching the glass with his tongue.
A Wondrous, Extra-Super-good episode. FOR SURE the best episode of the Season. Likeable Characters + Good Gags= 10/10
my notes i typed up while watching

--Eh, they recycled the JtS couch gag... still a funny one tho


--Skinner in a Shredder = Bin Laden in a Blender. Still funny
--Way to introduce the new character that early.
--Is that Trong van Dinh? (from Mr. Lisa goes to Washington)
--"Remember... as far as he knows we still teach math!" :lol:
--"The only way to be cooler than him is do exactly as he does!"
--Rigel 7? Isn't that Kang and Kodos' planet? No wait, that's Rigel 4


--eh, homer, STOP IT
--HI-YO! eh, lame joke when lisa has to elaborate
--Another motel with HOURLY RATES and ADULT MOVIES? (first was Sleep-Eazy)
--Kearney has his Hyundai H!
--Anybody get what Quimby's saying?
--"And of course we blame it on the Irish..."
--Mobsters beating up birds? Meh...
--"I made a note on your card in my Rolodex... don't whack." :lol:
--Moe likes ANIMALS now?! Ugh.


--End an act with Moe, begin with Moe? Wow.
--The plots converged! Very cool.
--Another "Theme from the Natural" scene? eh.
--"I wish God were alive to see this." :lol:

What a great ep. Well rounded plot-wise, and also pretty funny. Excellent!
1/5 I didn't laugh once, except for the Milhouse thing at the very end. Other than that, very unfunny and disapointing episode. But I had low expectations for this episode anyway.
Was it me or did that seem much longer than a normal episode... I loved it ! So many great bits 5/5 ! Viva Al Jean !
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Lord BloodMane said:
1/5 I didn't laugh once, except for the Milhouse thing at the very end. Other than that, very unfunny and disapointing episode. But I had low expectations for this episode anyway.

There's one in every bunch folks...
i thought it was a hilarious, intelligent, and sweet episode. good characterizations. best of the season, second 5/5 episode of the season.
i thought nothing would top special edna, but this may have done it. steady plot which was there from beginning to end and the main plot and subplot camne together, emotion, and best of all, no horrible sex jokes or jerkass homer.
there were some great gags too:
-springfield elementary documentary
-parody of the natural
-maybor quimby jokes
-return of luigi
-minor characters like the jimbo nelson etc. and grandpa appearing
-the spotlight joke in the museum was a cheap joke but i couldnt stop laughing
- classic mmmmmmmm line and a ha-ha line too
this season gets better as it goes
Best episode of the season(though thats not saying a whole lot).

Nothing laugh out load hilarious, but nothing extremly stupid. Thing with frink and alien at the end was stupid.
4/5, a pretty good episode with a good plot with some good gags.

Opening random door
Reset/You, you, you
Ed McMahon
Gazing at the stars
FOX satellite
Milhouse at the end

Mayor/Miss Springfield
Skinner in Shredder
Ralph again
beating up birds
Moe likes animals
Ironing phone book
Krustys porno remark
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4/5 Pretty solid episode. Milhouse at the end was the only part that had me laughing out loud. Hilarious. Eric Idle was a pretty good guest appearance. All in all, very enjoyable.
Wonderful episode. Barely any bad jokes, great sub-plots, great guest voice.

EDIT: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about Ms. Springfield, all she needs a few more appearences and she'll be one of this season's one-note characters.
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This episode deserved a 4/5. The only real lame jokes were the Skinner web sites and Willie catching shards of glass in his mouth for no reason.

But the plot was definatley one of the best. The sub plot was alright, but nothing to root for. The film maker was a total ass, but he was there for a reason I guess.

In a way, it was a very entertaining Lisa episode. Oh, and bonus points for the small segment at the end. I wish it were longer, but thats life I guess. They should try to do more 'quickies' at the end of some more of the episodes.

One of the best episodes of the season so far. Just about everything worked in this episode. The only lame jokes were the alien asteroid and (despite a good use of the joke) another Carl and Lenny is gay reference. Otherwise it was a fine episode with a coherent plot that got started right from the first minute.

BTW, tonight's Futurama was great too.

EDIT: Score lowered down a notch, mostly because I was too excited from seeing a new Futurama and Simpsons on the same day. It's still a great episode, but not quite as polished as Special Edna or as funny as Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington.
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Lord BloodMane said:
1/5 I didn't laugh once, except for the Milhouse thing at the very end. Other than that, very unfunny and disapointing episode. But I had low expectations for this episode anyway.
did we watch the same episode?
I didn't laugh out loud as much as some episodes recently, but it was great. 4/5
5/5 i really liked it
i liked eric idle as a guest star, kind of reminded me of the rutles.

i first was disappointed when lenny looked at the stars and saw carl, but they made up for it when carl saw himself.
i gave it a 5/5.

I liked a lot of it. I was thinking to myself "Another natural parody..." it woulda been better had willy not caught the glass on his tongue. Eric Idle played a pretty good role. He wasn't really funny but interesting. Excellent satisfying ending. It could had some more jokes. Lisa made some crappy lines, though. I wonder if the writers will continue the Lisa/astronomy plot.
I though Eric Idle's character could of been used in smaller doses. I was kinda annoyed when he tried to start something with Lisa. I did however like the documentaries he was in, but that was about it. I thought it was strange how the guest star came into the episode within the first minute.
Great 1st and 2nd acts, so-so 3rd. I had pretty high hopes for this episode, and was not disappointed. I thought Idle would be the best part of the episode, but his guest appearance took a back seat to the plot. This is hardly a bad thing, but he wasn't quite as funny as he could have been. There were some odd moments, especially in the third act, but the good jokes outweighed the bad.

Very enjoyable episode. They took some chances with this one, and most of them payed off.

Rating: 4/5
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Well, not all bad...I really didn't like some of the jokes and situations in this episode, including, but not limited to:

-The way Homer acted much of the time (particularly the Krusty Burger/Mad Cow thing)
-Moe and Selma making out (gorrila? ugh, just too disgusting)
-Moe's wall of dead drivers (that was way too disturbing for my tastes)
-Willie "catching" shards of broken glass (another stupid gag)
-The alien jumping out of the fallen meteor and running away (no fantasy stuff in normal episodes, please)

However, there were some things I enjoyed seeing.

-Eric Idle's usage in this episode
-Homer's last line ("I wish God were alive to see this")
-The very ending with the documentary (Milhouse's part was very hilarious...hitting the ball then tripping on the tee :lol:)
-"As far as he knows we still teach math!"
-The way the plots converged like that in the last third of the episode.
-Fat Tony's appearance (it didn't seem too forced or anything)

When the episode gave us the last sight of the meteor shower, I was prepared to give it a 2.5/5. I just thought it was way too out there much of the time, and I didn't really like how some of the characters acted (mostly Homer). However, the finished documentary at the end brought the episode up a half a point, so I'm giving it a 3/5. I thought it squandered some of the potential it could have had, but it was still a pretty good effort overall.
Great episode, with good use of Eric Idle. I didn't roll laughing, but it was very well rounded.

Funny gags, good plot, substance... It adds up to be one of the season's best.

And this episode's plot flowed, and the focus was on, something that C.E.D'oh had problems with. I'd say that this episode is the best this season, as far as the plot flowing and not being rushed. The subplot tie-in was good too.