Rate and Review: Old Money

Rate and Review: Old Money

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Yea, not one that really stood out in a pretty good season but still good. Well written story and a nice ending. I don't think it had to many hilarious moments but i can't be positive as i haven't watched it for a while. 4/5 regardless.

Pretty nice episode that focuses on Grampa's aging and lonliness. While it's not as good as that other Grampa in love episode (Lady Bouvier's Lover), it's a nice episode that touches on the frailities of aging.

I loved the story for this episode. I can't explain it, but I just find old people cute. And the fact that two senior citizens can find a strange kind of love like that just made me happy. The emotion behind this episode was very good and I think that's what drew me in. I do enjoy seeing Grandpa happy.
Very good episode, and the best Grampa episode yet. Very funny with interesting satire regarding the elderly. It also has a great ending. 4/5
I liked it the first time , but I don't enjoy watching it again for some reason. I just never really liked this episode much. 3/5
Nothing too memorable, A good episode with Grampa. And had a very good emotional plot. Not the funniest of episodes but there were still a few good gag's thrown in. Never really appealed to me that much though, 3.5/5
Grade: A

Could've very easily made my top 50 list sent to Cosmo. As is the tradition of season 2, the story, humor, and emotion is about 95% character driven, and this episode favors that style very well (so well that I'm laughing Bart and Lisa's dinner food war). The story itself is pretty sweet, as is the best episode to date about death in a humanistic way ("Homer's Enemy" is a different case), complete with the effective "dignity's on me" feel good ending. And while the humor doesn't have anything that stands out like in more comedy centric episodes, it's still pretty consistent and rarely (if ever) falls flat, from Grampa's search as to where to spend his money was very funny to me (Frink's death ray sticks out), to the Safari adventure, to his attempts at romance with Bea. Plus, the commentary on the treatment on the elderly (shown often through the dilapidated old folks home and Homer's view of Abe's romance) is ingrained into the storyline, as the best commentaries and satires generally are.

As an aside, I may be giving the episode too much credit here, but Abe's line, "You know, Jasper, they may say she died of a burst ventricle, but I know she died of a broken heart." is reminiscent of a similar line near the end of my favorite book "Captains and the Kings", and I wonder if it's intentional.
I'm running out of gushing superlatives to review Season 2 episodes with, so I'll just chalk up another classic. It gets an A, no + because it isn't a super-standout, but it's extremely difficult to stand out in season two.
3.5/5; B+/A-

Quite a good ep for Season 2. Interesting, rewatchable; above all, funny. An overall class act. Or three.
It is a classic which can be funny at times, touching at times, and the rest of the time, rather boring. The best line has to be either "Grampa smells like a regular old man, which is more like a hallway in a hospital," or the subtle "They say she died of a burst ventricle, but I know she died of a broken heart."
Easily in my Top 50. Perfect blend of emotion and humor. One of the reasons Season 2 is one of the best seasons ever. A/A+
all has already been said. an episode which deals with the most traditionally trite types of emotion, yet maintains its dignity and sharp wit while showing no traces of sap. not quite worthy of an +, but definitely a A
Really a fantastic episode that was sweet, character driven, and non disappointing. I definitely really can see why Season 2 is up there as one of the best. Episodes like these make it. Still, I felt it was missing a little something. 4.5/5
One of the most moving episodes I have ever seen.

I don't care its humour, it has actually a low level, not as bad as some people say but anyway dull. This episode is based on Abe's portrayal, and that was great at all. It is the first time (and the only one with the Flying Hellfish episode in the 7th season) that a script doesn't treat Abe as a mere way to develop jokes. It's the first non-humorous appearance of him, and easily the one where he is best treated.

Old Money makes, therefore, an exhaustive analysis about Abe. He stars in a touching story about her girlfriend's death and the gags are left out to develop his feelings. The pace is slow because it's needed. That could make the episode look dull and boring, but in its content it's one of the best from the whole series. I really felt sad about Abe, and the plot mixed up that sadness and a lib sensation to make one of the best endings ever. When he looked at his hands and then gave the money to the Retirement Castle, I couldn't hold my tears back. That scene had a wonderful atmosphere.

I have said that it isn't good at humour, but it has anyway some pearls, like the Springfieldians trying to get Abe's money (and their funny ideas), Abe refusing to give anything to Homer, Lionel Hutz or the safari. But I wish it was funnier, although this episode has already won its 10/10.
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I think this episode is okay emotionally, but I haven't seen it in years. It was nice for Abe to finally get his own episode and for it to be serious, given how he had mostly been used for jokes prior. But later Abe episodes would prove to be better. I'm thinking a 3/5, but that may be low.
As a 'Simpsons' episode, I thought the plot and jokes lacked cohesiveness "bad"ly enough to bring it down to 3, but for originality and just by itself, I'd give it a 4. I think it would be a great episode to show middle-aged/older people because it handles the issue of aging in a funny, light-hearted, but also serious way. I absolutely LOVE this episode and it is one of the few episodes where the character of Grampa is handled well.
Pretty standard Season 2 humour really, falls short of the mark often but is still funny enough to laugh at.

The emotion of this episode was a highlight and I enjoyed Grampa as the centre of attention.

Solid 3/5
I really liked the Homer/Abe relationship in this one. It's not one of my favorites by any means, but definitely a worthy episode. 3/5
Good emotional episode, and some solid humor, although somewhat lacking in this department. Interestingly, this is also one of the first truly "wacky" plot devices ("Bart the Daredevil" excepted, obviously), with the safari part. While some of the tone is slightly depressing, this is an episode I thouroughly enjoy