Rate and Review: Family Guy - Peter-assment

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3/5 I was amuse by it even thought its a pretty slack storyline espicially at the start

I mostly give a bonus point because for once Peter doesn't act as a total asshole, but then again I think some of douchiness was merely redistributed to other character
It was kinda 'eh'. Got a few cheap laughs but by halfway into the episode it was heavyhanded nonsense all over again. Not alot of it made sense and characters were acting OOC (like stewie, Lois, and Peter- even though his was for the better). Best joke in the opinion of the group I watched it with was when Mort fell out of Peters pants at the end and immediately demanded his $2. My Jewish friend laughed his ass off at that, he could barely breath.

A tenuous 3/5
So the Stewie moment wasn't a side plot at all, but the beginning of the episode. I missed the first four minutes, so I assumed that the side plot was completely absent this time around. It's lovely how the spoilers make it sound like one joke is actually half of the episode.

Honestly, this was better than that shit-fest Simpsons episode we got. I'd say 4/5 for Family Guy rankings, I suppose. It was nice to have some form of media acknowledge that no guy is okay with advances from an unwanted woman, despite what society thinks.
It's funny how I always forget what the lead-in to the main plot is.
Anyway, this isn't a bad episode. Angela sexually harassing Peter is a original and creative idea and we get to see a side of her we wouldn't have expected to at first. We also get the hilarious sequence in the beginning where Peter starts annoying people with his damn film camera, the funniest bit of it being when Ollie got fed up and just beat him up.
It's not the funniest episode ever, but it manages to develop a character I usually don't care much about, not to mention it even manages to be sort of touching. You can really feel her pain at the end when she thinks her one shot at intimacy will forever only be for one night. It's truly sad. I also like that Peter actually didn't want to cheat on his wife, but that's probably just because he felt having sex with his boss was awkward or that she wasn't very attractive.
The ending with Mort is also making me laugh more every time.
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