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Jan 6, 2008
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It has been a dream of mine for so long to open a Family Guy R&R thread;)

But last night's episode actually isn't really worth it. I didn't like the whole medium main plot, but I fairly enjoyed Chris and Stewie together. And their song was great. The one thing The Simpsons can learn from Family Guy is how to include awesome songs that also make sense. Anyway, I'd give this episode a 2.5/5, rounded up to a 3/5
pretty disappointing, since I've enjoyed most of this season. The whole medium thing was done much better on better shows (South Park, Home Movies) and the Chris and Stewie subplot didn't do much for me either, 2/5
Dammit. Once again, Family Guy, you had the chance to make somewhat of a sweet episode but you decided not to. That's fine I suppose...I've always known to look elsewhere for heart warming plots. But...come on. Did you have to make the down syndrome girl such a meanie? Maybe that was the joke...in real life, they're usually so sweet. Didn't make me laugh though.
Every time they have a chance to make kind of a sweet date episode, they ruin it. They start developing this sweet, kind person and it seems like they're trying to make a point, then they ruin the lady at the end. Last night I was reminded of the episode where Brian started seeing the middle aged woman...it was so cute and believable until they decided to make her start acting like a 90 year old.
I mean I understand if they only wanted to have these characters on as a one episode kind of deal, but instead of trying to kind of "kill them off" by destroying their personalities and make you never care to see them again, why not just leave them alone for the rest of the episode but never have them reappear again?
Anyway...as always, great musical number and most of the cutaways had me in stitches. The rest...not so great.
Pretty weak episode. I enjoyed the stuff with Chris and Stewie but the down syndrome girl and Peter as a medium didn't do much for me (Though I did enjoy Quagmire getting his reading done).

3/5 (Being generous)
I liked the fact that the down syndrome girl turned out to be a bitch, but that musical number was way, way too long.

doggy dominatrix cutaway was huge lols though.

I'll be generous and go 1.5 out of 5 for the big song and dance number being kind of amusing. The Peter psychic storyline felt like a tired rehash of the South Park "biggest douche in the universe" episode.

Chris dating a downs syndrome kid just wasn't particularly funny, nor was the stupid crack at Palin. It wasn't offensive, it just wasn't funny at all.

Bad, bad, bad. This week's "Simpsons" and "American Dad" seem amazing by comparison.
Nothing special, but I'd watch it again. It was good that we got to see them do something with Chris, more so with Stewie. But I hated the boring subplot, where all the previews consisted of was Brian constant whining to the increasingly brainless Lois and Peter. And yes, it was done better on South Park.

I liked it ok, but I liked the Stewie/Chris plot more than the main plot. It was nice seeing them bonding more. It was also nice to see Stewie bond with Meg a bit, even though the last part freaked him outXD
Over all I think I give it a hmm 3/5.
The blatant shots at down syndrome just seemed incredibly unnecessary, as did the refrence to Palin, who happened to catch the episode with her family(ouch).

I really want to like Family Guy, but it seems like almost every passing week it is getting more and more difficult.
Damn it, I was actually supposed to vote 3/5.
Anyway, one of the most forgettable episodes ever. The main plot with Peter as a psychic has almost no jokes at all in it surprisingly, even though it had potential. Chris and Stewie being in the woods was slightly better, but it was more dramatic than funny, to be honest.
The subplot with Chris however, is far better. It has a swingin' musical number and I like how they didn't go down the route that people with Downs Syndrome are always much nicer. Everyone can be an asshole, no matter who you are or what disability you have. The controversy towards this episode is overdrawn. Hell, they even had a real girl with Downs Syndrome play the guest role. 6/10
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but the thing is does anybody really go around with the stereotype that downs syndrome people are super nice
don't get the controversy with this at ALL. she has down syndrome... that's it. other than that she's just a character. who happened to be a bitch..?
this is the one that sarah palin got all up in arms about right? not sure there was any real controversy, just that palin saw it as a personal attack towards her daughter. thought the general consensus was that palin was talking out of her ass regarding the matter.
[MENTION=27754]super nintendo chalmers[/MENTION] the bit that Palin was pissed off about was that they have the girl with down syndrome casually mention that her mom is the former governor of Alaska. The thing is, the gag itself doesn't make sense because none of Palin's daughters actually have down syndrome, her son Trig does. The fact that the character was portrayed as a complete asshole probably didn't help and it's understandable that she'd be annoyed about it, but the joke itself is such a weird, off-handed, misguided pot shot that it just comes off as a failed attempt at being edgy on the part of the writers.

I'll defend to the death that nothing should be off limits in comedy, but that doesn't mean any old ham-fisted gags should be exempt from criticism. Kinda like that bit from "Road to Germany" where Brian and Stewie steal some Nazi uniforms to blend in and Stewie points out that his has a McCain/Palin button on it. A lot of Family Guy's humor is steeped in total nonsense, but when you're trying to take some sort of dig at someone, it'd help if the dig didn't seem so awkwardly shoehorned in.