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Dec 6, 2004
Very underrated little gem. Homer's Terminator-like method of finding Selma a man is gold material, and Homer talking about his night at the new BBQ pit isn't half bad either. Bart is at some of his best characterization; a mischevious little trouble-maker. Homer's parody of Mr Burns is more excellent stuff, as is Homer introducing Skinner to the wrong one, Skinner and Patty's first date, and although Selma's subplot is introduced a little late, it's still great. The ending, with Patty's logic meaning she and Skinner can never see each other again, has the best emotion of the season next to "Lisa's Substitute", and is, again, hilarious. I can never get tired of this one. Possibly one to make its return to the top 25. A
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A great underappreciated episode, as Carolyn said The Terminator parody was excellent, and Patty, Selma and Skinner all worked great as the leading roles. 9/10
It wasn't Terminator it was parodying, it was RoboCop.

Anyway, B+. Excellent, underrated gem from Season 2.
an average episode.does't deserve to be to appreciated 3/5(i do'nt get it,is'nt patty meant to be gay?)
Butters said:
It wasn't Terminator it was parodying, it was RoboCop.

No, the sound effects were from RoboCop, but the basic concept was from Terminator and countless other movies.

amir05 said:
an average episode.does't deserve to be to appreciated 3/5(i do'nt get it,is'nt patty meant to be gay?)

Looking past the horrible spelling, I think the answer is "those two episodes were 15 years apart".
A faultlessly charming episode. It was delightful seeing Skinner and the Bouvier twins in leading roles and their interactions were both funny and complex. Impeccable writing, plot, characterization...definitely a 5/5 and one of my favorite episodes.
This definitely earns a 5/5. The story was engaging, the characterization was impeccable (it's of note for establishing Selma's somewhat futile quest to find a man), the jokes still make me laugh after a few viewings. I can't understand all the hatred this one garners, to be honest.
It was an episode that demonstrated just how strong the supporting characters were in the classic era. As they noted in the commentary, it's funny that in the middle of "Bartmania" they decided to do a story about Bart's principal and his aunt falling in love. It expanded Skinner's character nicely, beyond just being a nemesis for Bart who was trying to find a way to get him out of his school as well as fleshing out the characters of Patty and Selma beyond just being "Marge's two beastly sisters". 4.5/5
A good episode, but kinda disappointed with the ending. Also, the way Skinner reacted to basically being abused even physically was a bit hard to believe. 3/5
homers radar was hilarious. and "food tastes better when you revolving" was a great line! 4.2/5
mmm, yeah, homer's radar is a good thing, but the rest...(oh, my... the passing of the time for the show). ...humorless and no heartwarming feeling

2/5 or C+ or 45/100
Pretty damn good. I loved this episode.. she's pretty underrated. The terminator pardody is a comedy highlight of the series. 5/5.
Obviously a story based, not gag based episode. However, this is a good example of how story-based episodes are pulled off in the right way. Though not as heavy on the jokes, the already mentioned "Terminator" jokes, as well as the funny outside background happenings while in the revolving restaurant were pretty funny. The epic-looking ending with Skinner against the sunrise pulling himself together, and how essentially the man getting married would be Selma's husband if it weren't for Patty were nice touches as well. It was nice to see the writers being character development for Patty and Selma, I think this is the first time we see Selma's desperate hunger for a man and we also saw how Patty, while seeming tough and bitter outside, is really close to her sister and becomes jealous and saddened at the fact that Selma's love is shared with someone else and her loneliness is further emphasized. And of course, we had mischievous Bart being in perfect character, doing his thing with the fertilizer prank and him essentially taking over the school. Also, if I believe correctly, this was the first appearance of a great secondary character, Groundskeeper Willie.

(A) 4.5/5
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