R&R "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish"


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Nov 30, 2001
An underrated season 2 episode that deserves more credit than it gets. Also one of the series' more emotional episodes. A highlight of the series. 5/5
Excellent. One of my favourite episodes of all time.

Definitely underrated. The humor and emotion were both there, and the episode was just great. 5/5
A very good episode in my opinion. It's interesting to see how much Homer can cram into his last day on Earth and how he goes about it. The best part has to be where Homer teaches Bart to shave. Brilliant. Unfortunately, having seen this episode countless times, the novelty is wearing off. Not that this is a fault in the episode itself, but rather, the fact I keep watching it because it's too damn good.
Underrated! This episode offers some great emotion - Homer trying desperately to do everything he wanted in his last day. Some great bonding moments with the family too. Great humour throughout - the gags at the Japanese' expense were a lot better than 30 mins over Tokyo. Homer trying to find something interesting in the Bible tape was hilarious. Just goes to show: Season 2 was an excellent season! A+
A solid episode with a lot of emotion. The funniest parts were the Gypsies Tramps and Thieves song at the Happy Sumo and Homer teaching Bart how to shave. The ending is a bit depressing.

This episode gets an 8/10 on the laugh-o-meter. Grade B+
George Cauldron said:
Unfortunately, having seen this episode countless times, the novelty is wearing off. Not that this is a fault in the episode itself, but rather, the fact I keep watching it because it's too damn good.

I feel that same way. I also feel that way about many of other season 2 episodes and many Jean's episodes, like Moe Baby Blues and Special Edna.
OMg, recently rewatched this and...and...wow. Just fantastic in every aspect. Easily a top 25 if not top 10 episode. One of the things this episode does flawlessly is to easily transition between emotion and humor. i.e. Grampa. A true heartfelt moment when they say they love eachother and hug, and then a moment ten seconds later where he is very clingy and love starved that I can't help but laugh at. Excellent first act at the sushi place and great emotion, great characterization, great humor, believable behavior, and a well told story. A+
I don't know why, but I found nearly all the humor in this episode to be extremely dated, as if I'd heard it hundreds of times before, meaning I probably have. Jokes such as the shaving part, Homer with his father, and especially the Japanese stereotypes all work against the overall impression, plus it's filled with all the kinds of cliches that a Simpsons episode needs to avoid and just doesn't care about a decent wrap-up. The emotion went unfelt and forced like other poorly-written Season 2 episodes (Principal Charming, Old Money). Larry King's Bible on Tape was one of the few highlights, but this episode is too much of a shoddy Season 1 premise executed in a shoddy Season 1 style - D+
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Old Money is one of the best written Simpsons episodes of all time. The subtle character humour is just sublime.

As for this episode - A+
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Overrated. It's funny, but the outcome is so unbearably predictable and cliched. Even though the focus is Homer's and his family's reaction to the ordeal, not even that was handled very well. Marge's response felt unnatural, as it alternated from sad to nonchalant and then back to sad. Homer is far too comedic and light-hearted given it's his supposed final day on Earth, and a lot of his behavior was sort of unbelievable. I've also always been annoyed that the family gets dressed up for dinner for one Bart/Marge exchanged, and then suddenly it's incredibly late and Marge and Homer have to go off to bed. What happened to dinner? Anyway, it's funny, and parts of it are quite sad, but overall, it's a bit below average. B-, which still manages a 4/5.
5/5. I think it's really underrated, emotional, sweet, and ultimately one that will continue to be overlooked but that will be a gem when most people discover (or rediscover) it.
It's a pretty good episode from the beginning years of the show. Really great satire, and the mixing of comedy and political thriller was spot-on.