R&R Itchy & Scratchy & Marge

"Don't do that"

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Too bad Nickelodeon didn't take a look at this episode before kicking John K. off of Ren & Stimpy.

A classic that is the best example of how well satire was done in season 2. It's funny on many levels; just brilliant writing.

Rewatching this episode last Wednesday dropped my rating down a bit. Like 7F01, satire is excellent, but humour isn't quite as prevalent as I thought it was. It's still a very good episode - 4/5.
5/5. Everything about season 2 that is great, displayed in one episode; parodies, satire, plot, writing.
One of the best satires the show's ever had, and easily the best Itchy and Scratchy episode. I don't see how someone can not see the attraction. Even if you don't get or like the satire, there's still plenty to laugh at. 5/5
Really great Marge episode, great first time performance by Alex Rocco as Roger Meyers Jr., absolutely loved the hilarious stupidity of the friendly Itchy and Scratchy, as well as the brilliantly animated scene of all the children outside
One of the first really great episodes of the show. The part I find the funniest is Marge's list of violent acts on Itchy & Scratchy that includes "Gophers buried alive". 5/5

A very funny and early ("early" as in pre-Nipplegate and South Park) look into the double-standard that is called censorship. The toned-down I & S is one of my favorite season 2 moments.
Marge reaches PC thug level on occasion, but the satire is genius.

4.5/5 rounded up for the "new" I&S.