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Dec 6, 2004
Ahh, 7G05. Not as good as "Life on the Fast Lane" or "Moaning Lisa" when it comes to S1 episodes, but still a fantastic part of the Simpsons saga. I have yet to meet somebody who didn't like this episode. 9th best of all time, and a worthy start to Swartzwelder's career.

and yeah, i know most of the quotes taken from the episode for the voting options weren't the best.
Quite good. Nelson never held his promise, about never lifting his arm against another human or whatever. Very good plot, one of the best season 1 episodes.
This is my favourite episode of Season 1 and one of my all time favourites, in fact i find my self watching this episode over and over quite alot lately 5/5 for a great story and plenty of laughs.
This was probably one of the better 1st season episodes, it introduced us to Nelson, Grandpa, and Herman. Plus, it was the beginning of Homer giving bad advice to his children 4/5
Not one of my favourites I've got to say. Mind you some funny moments (Bart coughing up his cap in the trash can). Nelson is especially sinister in this one, when compared to later episodes where he is more slapstick. The army bit feels a little too 'clunky' for me. 2/5.
5/5. I've always considered this the epitome of what the simple version of The Simpsons would have been about, and it's truly beautiful in its exectution, capturing childhood perfectly.
I gotta review more.

Now I admit this episode isn't one of the best classics, but it holds a special candle for me because while I started with the first episode...this episode got me hooked on the show forever.

I can't understand why, but it just did. Maybe it was the combination of a somewhat child-like, mindlessly fun adventure mixed with cynical...down to earth elements and darker moments that you just didn't see in western animation at the time.

In any case, its just a really fun episode. LOTS of cameo's, even by kids who had yet to get an identity yet (like Ralph). Man...Nelson was so different back then....

One of my favorite Grandpa appearances too, I do wish he and Bart would do more together. They're a very fun duo because Bart's I feel the only one that really still talks to Grandpa like an equal and not a burden or some kind of elderly bump. Bart gets to be a kid a lot around Grandpa.

I voted 5. A true classic episode even if it doesn't really satire or teach anything, aside from maybe showing a childlike side to a darker subject like war.

Its just one of those episodes EVERYONE remembers even if its not their favorite.
3/5. I didn't like this episode because Abe Simpson played a major role of it. Another problem is that Bart is sometimes friends with Nelson, Jimbo, Kearney, and Dolph, but othertimes he is enemies with them. I don't like how this isn't consistent.
The first episode broadcast in Australia so it holds a special place for me (although it was overshadowed by the hype that preceded it). For my money a solid 3.5/5.

One of the best season 1 episodes. I have loved this episode since I first saw it, and it never gets old.
This episode is definitely a classic. The first truly great Simpsons episode, IMO. The plot is great, the characterizations are almost normal, and the jokes are actually funny! Brilliant in its childlike way. 4.5/5
I gave it 3/5. It is a good episode, one of the best from the first season but its not deserving of a 5/5 or 4/5.