R&R Bart Gets Hit By A Car

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Drunk Barney

Jul 3, 2004
This is one of my all time favourites!

Nothing went wrong in this at all.

Homer was in great form, Marge was in perfect character. Bart was also in classic form and Lisa didnt really appear to make a comment.

Anywho it was a classic episode becuase it involved an EVIL Mr Burns. The episode did not have a down side to it and also ended fantasticly seeing Homer choosing Marge rather than money!

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I don't think it's very memorable, even though it introduces Lionel Hutz. Some scenes, like Bart dying and the introduction to Hutz and Dr. Nick were good. I haven't seen it in a while and I only remember what I just mentioned. B, B+
This is a very funny episode, with the introductions of BOTH Lionel Hutz and Dr. Nick. It has great satire and jokes, mostly in those characters' scenes, and Burns is in top form, but the ending felt quite rushed and underdeveloped than to me. No matter who was right or wrong this time, Homer thinks pretty harsh things about Marge, and he even says honestly (according to his own thoughts) "I'm not sure I love you any more" to her... and then he suddenly decides he loves her more than ever without actually making clear why. Still, the episode is very solid and it gets a 4/5 from me. IMO, season 2 has a good amount of better episodes, which speaks wonders of that season.
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Despite the uninspired choice of title, this is a good episode, brilliant satire of the law and how people manipulate the courts. Parts of it seem rushed, notably the scene where Burns discovers Homer is lying to the courts and sends out the hounds, and Marge is called to the witness stand. The ending seems a tad slow, but the emotion works, and as I said before, a very good story.
Forgettable to the extreme, but entertaining while it's on.

I like it and appreciate the satire, even if I don't think it's as brilliant as George Cauldron implies. It's a pretty good episode, nothing more. A-
Just your average, run of the mill Season 2 or 3 episode -i.e. fantastic. Emotion, humour, suspense, all there. A
I voted good, it gets boring some times, but Burns driving behind yellow skies and rainbows mak
MAN, what a sappy ending here. But I still liked it.

This episode brilliantly introduces Lionel Hutz AND Dr. Nick, has Burns at his finest, and shows The Simpsons' view of hell. Yeah, I think a solid A is in order. One of season 2's best!
George Cauldron said:
Parts of it seem rushed, notably the scene where Burns discovers Homer is lying to the courts and sends out the hounds

Perhaps because they were being rushed out of the house? I dunno how else you'd pace something like that...?

Anyways, it's very entertaining, with good, solid characterization, and it's not as forgettable as everyone makes it out to be. Not great, but good nonetheless. (B/B+)
Scully and George hit it right on and covered a lot of what I think about this one. One of the most underrated episodes in the series' entire run. Very funny episode with some great new characters like Hutz and Dr. Nick. The courtroom scenes in this one will never have an equal, as the satire is miles ahead of any courtroom satire ever done on the show. Just look at the two stories, and how the writers show that two accounts of the same story can be totally different, even when very few lies, if any, are spoken. You also of course have that scene were Hutz tries to teach Bart how to exaggerate an injury, in another hilarious example of biting satire. The third act, which features a brilliantly characterized Marge losing all of the family's money, closes the deal on this one. The ending certainly was sappy, but the episode doesn't suffer from it. One of Season 2's best, indeed. A.
This is a good episode, there are some great moments like Bart in hell and some not-so-great ones. This is a typical season 2 episode and gets a typical grade for a season two episode. B
A good episode, definately above average... I pretty much agree with everything Homer Jay said about this one. Not really forgettable, but not all that... rememberable(?).
I really don't see why people find this to be a forgettable episode. This was a good episode, and another great example of the top-notch satire featured throughout season 2. I'll surely remember this episode as the episode which introduced Lionel Hutz, who was at his funniest in this episode despite it being his first, and Dr. Nick, whose apperance was also hilarious. I'll also remember this as an episode in which the story was strong enough to carry the episode and the story itself was able to provide some brilliant humor and satire (i.e. all the courtroom scenes). As Scully mentioned, hell according to The Simpsons was also featured here and was brilliant. Well-told story with great humor and satire. I give this an A, and pity anyone who gives it less than that.
I agree with Patman, I don't find this to be a forgettable episode. Sure, it's the average season 2 episode, but that just means that, simply put, it was brilliant. The first few minutes are rather fast-paced, which actually worked out well. Seeing Bart get hit by a car, ascend to Heaven, descend to Hell, wake up in a hospital room, and be greeted by Lionel Hutz matched the tone of the episode perfectly...what happened occured in a split-second. The episode just gets better as it goes on, with some top-notch humor (anything with Lionel Hutz is gold), even better satire (the courtroom scenes in particular), and the hilarious introduction of Dr. Nick. For that alone, this episode should be remembered. But, there's more. The emotion towards the end of the episode added another dimension to the story, showcasing a nicely-done Homer and Marge marriage problem. Sure, the ending can possibly be referred to as sap, but I tend to think of it as a sweet ending to a brilliant episode. Homer possibly losing his love for Marge over something that is, in the long-run, very trivial, was pulled off well--especially considering how awful it could have been seen as. But, due to the fantastic James L. Brooks (in particular, that is), a rather normal human emotion--simply put, greed--was put in a new light, brought down to an emotional level, and resolved in an overall believable way. Definitely one of the underrated gems of it's time, perhaps of the entire series. A
Really good episode, great introduction of Lionel Hutz and great characterization of Burnsie, I also liked when Bart talked to the devil
This episode always confused me. It's funny,trully a Swartzwelder's classic. But,on the other side,something was missing there,and I can't describe what. Still,I decided to give it 3/5
Despite the painfully obvious title, this is definitely one of the funnier episodes of season 2. Not only do we have the first major appearance of the hilarious Lionel Hutz, one of the brilliant characters voice by the late Phil Hartman, but this is one of the first episodes that can really make you laugh throughout without becoming boring or too dramatic. It's amazing how the show's wonderful writers can take a concept as simple as Bart being run down by a car and turn it into an intelligent episode of an equally intelligent show. Mr. Burns was as always in classic evil mode, hilarious as usual. The mockery of lawyers and just court in general is great. But one of my favorite parts out of the whole episode is the varying stories of what actually happened, Bart making Mr. Burns out to be an evil old man (not that he isn't) whose hell bent on taking him out, hard as Bart tried to avoid him on his skateboard. Where as Mr. Burns tells it as he and Smithers riding along on a beautiful day in their convertible when Bart mindlessly rides in front of them before Burns has time to hit the brakes. This episode almost doesn't feel like it belongs in season 2, where most episodes were still in their developing stages and not really able to really make you laugh consistently. With some better animation, this episode would pass as something from season 4 if you didn't know better. So anyway, a very good episode, and one of the best of the season clearly. A
I actually find this quite overated as I find all the character in it so utterly hateful. Lionel Hutz isn't so great, he's a little more sleazy and less of a loveable idiot he later becomes. Also the flashbacks from different viewpoints idea is a bit of cartoon cliche that isn't really done with much of a simpsony twist.
And this has to rank as the worst classic era ending ever, it's even worse than some of the shoehorned Homer and Marge marriage crisis episodes. What the Hell was Jim Brooks thinking when he thought, this would be better than having a downbeat ending, it's awful, awful stuff.
5/5, for some reason I've loved this episode since I first saw it, and it was one of the first episodes I saw. I think I actually based my conceptions of the series on this episode to a degree, so it's very good to me and something that I think a lot of casual fans of the show will still remember to this day.
I thought it was pretty good - I rated it "fantastic". It was nice to see, in this episode, Dr. Nick, Lionel Hutz, and Mr. Burns. We don't see Lionel Hutz all too often, so when we do get to see him, it is a treat. :) In this episode, Mr. Burns is really in character. Although the plotline isn't too original, the characters and their ways make up for it.
Absolute fantastic episode. It is one of the first episodes to paint burns in an utterly cold and evil light, and serves as an excellent introduction for Mr. Hutz. I particularly enjoyed Phil Hartmans escalator voice. I am confused however as to why they decided to show the episode number and title in the beginning, Though it serves as a pretty funny, possibly unintentional joke. Bart gets hit by burns no more than three seconds after the title fades out.
Ending came out of nowhere and the humor was uneven, not that any of the humor was bad, just that it would go from five hilarious jokes in rapid succession to average jokes for the next few minutes. 4/5, Good, B+.