Muumuu Homer shipped!


I Don't Post A Lot
Oct 30, 2001
Melbourne, FL
Hey, I just got an email from toyfan saying that they just shipped out my pre-ordered set. I chose UPS ground, so I won't have it in hand for a while, and probably not for a couple of weeks, since I'm heading out of town on Saturday. I just hope they leave it at my apartment complex office while I'm gone.
I ordered mine from PlanetAction Figure....I think ours ship very early Jan as well...
Found the new sets

I found both of the new Sets this weekend at TRU... along with a stray Comic Book Guy set...
Anybody get their orders from Toyfan in yet? I looked on the site and they still have them for pre-order.
I have a set on preorder as well, but have been checking local TRUs as well. My girlfriend was checking today by her work and found a stray THOH2.
I didnt order from toyfan , but i did order from on friday (1/4/02) afternoon , shipped already should receive tomorrow, Yeahhhhhh to Mumu Homer, i can't wait to receive it. :)
So does anyone know if Toyfan has gotten anything in yet? I bought wave six from them and got the figures like a week before anyone else. I find it a bit awkward that they don't have 7 in yet considering that Target and Toysrus have them.