Motherfucking Valentine's Day

Can you feel the looooooove?

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The thread title makes me laugh, and is our Valentine’s Day thread. Oss was the one to start throwing hands, I’ve been nothing but nice and honest so far.
I felt a little sad reading this as I love Valentine's day, Johnny always buys me something Pokemon related (usually a plush but it could be a DVD or stickers or booster pack) and I get him something chocolatey or maybe v day boxers. I got him a marvel T-shirt one year.

Even when we were homeless I got $1 for two Pokemon cards from a vending machine and he got a Hershey bar from Walgreens and we slept together in the tent.

I really hope everybody here finds someone who will love and cherish them. Someone to care for you even in the crappiest times.
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I'm not a fan of Valentines Day (but as a loner, it's somewhat expected from me). I have celebrated it in the past before, so it's not like I outright hate it.