Motherfucking Valentine's Day

Can you feel the looooooove?

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[MENTION=53986]OldSchoolerSimpsons[/MENTION] I'm jk, I know your pain. listen to some music to forget your troubles.

Here's a good jazz classic:
Oss loves jazz
I had a really nice, chill Valentine's Day with [MENTION=49962]Smiling Politely[/MENTION]. First time we've really gotten to spend much extended time enjoying each other's company since we parted ways at the airport... just about a month ago actually, now that I look at the date.

Life's hectic and shitty but today made me feel genuinely happy again, and I'm super thankful for it.

Hope the rest of you had a nice day too. Love you all. :heart:
I didn't really do anything special for Valentines day. But parents gave me Snickerdoodles and Starbursts, and grandma (on dad's side) sent a card.