Most underrated episode ever

S. Reddy said:
I think Take My Wife Sleaze is an underrated episode. Most people put that episode near the bottom of their worst ep lists, but I thought it was hilarious, and had a nice plot where Homer WASN'T humiliated in the end and didn't focus entirely on Homer's crazy scheme, good use of guest stars, a great Homer-Bart bonding scene, and lots else going for it. Probably the best of season 11.

I agree that this was one of the best of season 11. Although that isn't saying much.
I've not seen "Take My Wife, Sleaze" yet, but I think one of the good episodes from s11 that is hardly mentioned is "Last Tap Dance in Springfield." The first time I saw it, I thought it was okay at best, but after seeing it after season 12, it looks like a gem.
Is that the "tappa, tappa, tappa" episode with Miss Vicki? That was one the best shows in recent years!
Marge Gets a Job is very underrated, in my opinion. I just watched this episode last Sunday for the first time in nearly a year and I was practically choking with laughter through some of the scenes, especially during the "It's Mr. Burns!" chorus line at Jack Marley's retirement party (Oh, me-me-me! "I want all the attention because it's my party', eh?) and also when all of the depressed SNPP employees are wearing funny hats and listening to Tom Jones music, AND throughout the entire subplot revolving around Bart's pseudo-sickness ("OHHH! My Ovaries!"). It's an episode that you don't see on alot of people's lists of top episodes and prior to a few days ago it wasn't on my list either, but now I definately consider it to be one of my favourites :)
It was so funny seeing Tom Jones treated like crap. Remember the part when Smithers holds a gun to his back and then the door closes and knocks him out? They did the opposite of what TV shows do to their guest stars (especially when they are musical guest stars). Too bad they've started going with the flow, treating the celebrity guests like royalty. If you notice, the best special appearances are those where the guest stars get into unfortunate and painful situations (Spinal Tap's bus get run off the road, Adam West's pathetic life, etc).
Well what about E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt)? That isn't show that much where i am :D

Some of the earlier episodes I feel are very underrated. Examples would be "Life in the Fast Lane", "Simpson and Delilah" and "Old Money"