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Jan 6, 2008
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Well, I think Lemon of Troy is really overrated here. Then, there are some episods which I like a lot, but everyone else seems to love like an imaginary girlfriend: Homer the Great, Homer vs. the 18th Amendment, 'Tis the 15th Season, THOH V and some others.
Lisa's substitute, without a doubt. I realize why people apretiate it so much, but it just doesn't work for me. Also, THOH IX gets the prase for being one of the better episodes in season 10, which it absolutely isn't.
Probably something like the Seemingly Neverending Story. I see it rated often as a modern day classic but I found it to be incredibly weak. Interesting premise but very flimsy in humour and characters.
Last Exit to Springfield- I agree with Moe Nopoly here that it's a good episode, but I've never thought of it as one of the best.

A Streetcar Named Marge- The episode isn't bad as a drama, but is definitely lacking in humor, besides the New Orleans song. Also, it's a weak choice having lazers go off in a play.
"Bart Sells His Soul"--I like it, maybe would even give it a 15 (probably a 14 though) but IMO it's nowhere near the second best episode of the series

"Homer vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment"--just not really a fan
Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie for me. The jokes were very poor and the satire didn't interest me at all. Homer at the Bat and King-Sized Homer can follow.
Post Classic Era: Apocalypse Cow (just an episode I really disliked and was majorly surprised to see so many good reviews for it on the R&R
Classic Era: Lisa's Substitute (a really nice episode that is probably the most emotional and cleverly written, but so lacking on gags that I find it hard to watch at times)
Lemon of Troy, Behind the Laughter, Marge Vs the Monorail, The Cartridge Family.

All these are good but not Great.
I didnt like a streetcar named marge, the song was funny, but julie kanver isnt that great of a singer.

However, I havent seen that in 4 years, so If I watch it again, it could change.
Gone, Maggie, Gone.

Sorry, people; I know a lot of you liked it, but I just don't get what the big deal is.

LETS - like Moe Nopoly said. It's a great episode, but I don't think it's the best ever.
I'd also like to add "Bart of Darkness"--as with "Bart Sells His Soul" it's a very good episode, but I don't think it's one of the series', or even the sixth season's, best
From seasons 1-12 (I'll do later the Jean era).

Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish: It's kinda strange to choose this one because I love it, but it isn't really an episode that stands out in its season. Great, but not ultimate like some NHC users say.

Brush With Greatness: Same as Two Cars, but it's even worse from my point of view. Probably one of the five worst from its season.

A Streetcar Named Marge: I have discussed it several times. This episode from my point of view doesn't have good qualities over any other classic. It's of course solid and not boring but not one of my favorites and in fact a bottom5 for season 4.

I Love Lisa: It's good, but not easily remarkable in its season. I have always disliked the third act a bit.

Bart's Inner Child: One of my least favorite classics, an average episode for me that seems to receive too much love here.

The Last Temptation Of Homer: I don't really think it's overrated in the strict sense (it has my highest grade), but it's far overmentioned above some greater episodes in its seasons. Also, Colonel Homer was slightly better.

Bart Gets An Elephant: It's difficult for me to enjoy this episode at a great level. The humour is low and the storyline is too wacky for my interest.

Homer The Great: Again, I love this episode, but in my later reviews I have found it less interesting. It's not a matter of overall quality, but the fact that the jokes didn't work really well on reviews and they all seemed to get old.

The Springfield Connection: Another least favorite classic. It has good qualities in general but the plot development goes too far and makes it look like a fanscript IMO, where the characters hardly keep their usual attitude.

Team Homer: It's hard to choose an episode from season 7 here but I just think it's the only one way overrated here. This and A Fish Called Selma, but I guess I can see why people enjoy the last one in that level.

Realty Bites: One of the worst episodes from seasons 1-9 and the first solid sign of decline from my point of view.

Lard Of The Dance: For me, this episode is decent, good at best. Not one of the best offers from its season.

Sunday, Cruddy Sunday: It seems it got much more hate in the past than now, but in my opinion it's just one of the worst episodes I have ever seen, bottom20 if not 10.

They Saved Lisa's Brain: I just don't see the qualities of this average, almost bad episode.

Beyond Blunderdome: It is usually mentioned as one of the best season 11 episodes; IMO it's awful and one of the most boring experiences with The Simpsons. The plot is absolutely tasteless. The jokes, except for a bunch of good ones, were bad and predictable.

Guess Who's Coming To Criticize Dinner: It's good compared to the season standards, but not really a standout episode from my point of view. Just decent.

A Tale Of Two Springfields: It's in my bottom5, one of the crappiest episodes overall. And I didn't find it funny.

HOMR: The ultimate definition for overrating. A terribly bad show with awful characterizations and a shitty script. I agree there are good gags here and there but overall it sucks Emmy balls.

Hungry, Hungry Homer and Skinner's Sense Of Snow: Like GWCTCD. The fact that they are solid compared to their contemporaries doesn't imply they are good and remarkable out of their season.

Children Of A Lesser Clod: It has usually some appreciation because of its jokes but I actually found it unfunny and therefore lacking redeeming qualities.
LETS is not overrated when it constantly tops every damn "best ever" episode list.

As for the most overhyped, that nod goes to Homer's Enemy because it's the glorified stupification of Homer's character.

The runner-up has to be Future-Drama which Channel Surfer summed up quite nicely:

Originally Posted by Channel Surfer
And "Future-Drama", which after a rewatch of the entire Jean era, is my least favorite of the season, and a complete flop of a story. The various conflicts of Bart/Jenda, Bart/Lisa, and Lisa/Milhouse make no impact because of shallow writing all around. Milhouse is defined only by his sickening obsession with Lisa and muscle jokes. It's made worse by the fact that Lisa is for some reason dating him because he saved her life...from a fire she knows he set (what!), breaks up with him for some trivial reason, and decides to settle for misery with him for, um, I don't even know. Meanwhile, Jenda is little more than a plot device, her demanding, controlling nature serving more to annoy me than to sympathize with Bart, forcing Bart into convenient situations that force Bart to choose between her or ruining his sisters life (being conveniently awarded Lisa's scholarship to get a definitive career, being forced to choose between saving Lisa from staying with Milhouse or ending his relationship with Jenda because he won't do it at that very second of his life). And the conflict between Bart and Lisa has about as much depth as "Wiz Kids" (Bart ruins Lisa, Lisa is forced into peril because of Bart, Bart "saves" her and rectifies all wrong). Do I even need to bring up Homer and Marge's marriage crisis? The characters are either shallow, contrived, or annoying, predictably written, and are thus unable to carry an engaging storyline.

"Future-Drama" D+
Gone, Maggie, Gone.

Sorry, people; I know a lot of you liked it, but I just don't get what the big deal is.
Agreed with this one. I couldn't say any episode in season 20 was anything close to excellent. Eeny Teeny was my favorite episode of the year and the best way I'd describe it would be pleasant.
I didn't know people actually like this episode, since it's overrated. I've always thought it was one of the lesser favorites, and fans are usualy bothered by Homer's out of character behaviour.
I guess it's being overrated only this last year. From what I have read, it seems this episode stands out in its season for a large group of members. That or its defenders are pretty noisy :P.