Most annoying character in media?


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Dec 26, 2021
I know there is a seperate thread for most annoying character in modern animated media, but I am curious about live action media, who is the most annoying character?

Personally, there is a lot that come to mind, Raj & Howard from The Big Bang Theory (although I do have an autorgraph from Raj's voice actor thanks to my cousin), However, the most annoying character as of right now, and the reason why I'm creating this post, is Firecracker from The Boys, GOD, I HATE THAT CHARACTER. And yeah, there are real life reasons to why I hate her
I just mentioned jerkass Homer in another thread, but honestly he's not the character that annoys me the most. The character that annoys me more than any other in fiction is probably the Dragon Ball GT version of Pan. For those not in the know, Pan is a young girl who likes to think of herself as a tough and capable fighter worthy of going on epic adventures, but she actually sucks and can't do anything. She's like Scrappy Doo, with just as much charisma. The other characters let her tag along because when they try to tell her not to come with them she does that anime chick thing where she gets angry and yells real loud and everyone around her gets those sweat drops and fold like papers because they're afraid of her for some reason even though they've got a power level a billion times hers (anime writers thinks strong people being scared of angry women who aren't strong is funny, when it is in fact not). I also don't like other characters similar to Pan, like that abysmal creation that is Sakura from the Naruto franchise. Honestly I don't even really like Bulma from Dragon Ball. I like anime women who are actually badass, like 18 from Dragon Ball, but I can't stand those who merely turns being whiny loudmouths into a weapon, calling their comrades "baka baka baka" untill they submit, but then having nothing to back it up with. I would have forgiven this trope if it was actually funny, but like I said, it is in fact not funny, so it's just annoying all around and so are those characters.

Well to be fair to Bulma in particular though, at least she invents stuff, so that's cool.
I'm mentioning Mindy Kaling's Velma once more just because of something that is absolutely hilarious to me and that concerns season 2 (I'll put a spoiler tag on it just in case but feel free to read if just like me you have zero interest in it) :

 In season 2, a rabid version of Scrappy-Doo is the bad guy (the live-action Scooby-Doo movies sending a trend wasn't on my bingo card), and at the end of the season... he kills Velma. For real. She becomes a ghost and everything (and kills Scrappy in the process). This is hilariously stupid enough but what's great about this is that this version of Velma is so unanimously despised that I've seen many people actually considering that maybe they've been too harsh on Scrappy. Like, the most hated character in Scooby-Doo history killed by the hands of the former most hated character in Scooby-Doo history who in the process redeems himself in the eyes of many. This is legendary stuff. 
@Wile E. the Brain I have always liked Scrappy since I was a kid and was immensely sad to find out how unpopular he was with people. Really disliked him being a villain in live action. So when he showed up on Velma I was just like "oh, here we fucking go with this shit." What you state is very true; I've seen a lot of people heel-turn on hating Scrappy after that show simply bc Velma is so absolutely insufferable. Pretty funny overall (the changes of heart, not the show. show is trash).
@kupomog, I've never really minded Scrappy-Doo myself, but I guess that's mostly because I haven't seen too much of him (at most a couple of the 70s TV movies like 'The Reluctant Werewolf'). I can see why he exists in the first place and a part of me believes some people went a little overboard with him - not that we're forced to like him but he's always felt harmless enough to me. This Velma, we can definitely agree on her being much more unbearable. Also the absolute cynicism of making Scrappy the villain again this time around. They made themselves perfectly clear about not bringing Scooby in because he doesn't fit in and that would make the show more childish (again, not bringing him in I don't mind in itself), but they're OK with Scrappy somehow, as long as they carry on the overused "nobody likes Scrappy and he sucks" joke ? I guess it suits the complete absence of actual inspiration this show is guilty of come to think of it.
I like Scrappy personality fine (he's boisterous and doesn't realize how small and harmless he is compared to the sometimes supernatural bad guys) but I don't like his design. I much prefer pup named Scooby Doo take on puppyhood. Scrappy is just a head and a body, almost no neck to speak of. Just like Steven universe whose personality I am mostly okay with but hate his design. I also hate the design of Mineta in my hero academia (way too short, goofy ball haircut. Why is this a pattern?)