Mobile games you play right Now?

Still waiting on that animal crossing mobile game....

Kinda wanna try Super Mario Run but I still have to wait for its release onto android (I think March?)...Even so, I can't see myself spending $10 on it. Hopefully it goes on sale eventually.

Pokemon go was a disappointment imo. As a big pokemon fan, it failed to capture the fun of the actual games. I can see casual (non pokemon) players liking it and being introduced to pokemon (which is cool), but its no my thing.

Honestly mobile games are very miss for me. Ill download stuff, try it, realize it sucks, then end up uninstalling it. Most are just time wasting and contain small amounts of actual enjoyment.

I did enjoy the steven universe one for a bit but it got too hard for me. Lol
right now the only game I play is Color Switch

debating on getting temple run 2 and Crossy Road though. but if I do I know i'll end up overplaying both since it's been a while and I tend to do that
Realm Grinder. It's not as fun as the web game. They could have done a better job making the UI work for a phone but it is still fun.

I sometimes play Final Fantasy games. FFVI mobile was a nice trip down memory lane though once I beat the core game I didn't really have too much interest in the bonus content.