Marge wins Best hair in Cartoon Series...

bartimus prime

mumble mumble
Oct 17, 2001
puerto rico
Cool, but Bart was a contender. Nice to see Marge get the attention instead of Homer, after all this time...

Oh wait, Homer has no hair, so he couldn't actually win.


is back from the dead
Oct 17, 2001
Attention Whore
These are my reviews of the hairstyles of everyone in Springfield:

Homer-Stylishly simple, but needs a bit more swank.

Marge-A bit kitsch, a bit retro, a bit housewife. Kind of Ikea and geometrical. It's gotten a little bit old, and she needs to elaborate it.

Bart-Oh dear, that spikey rebel look is so passe!

Lisa- Best HAIR ever. Original, classy, and gently feministic with it's nice shape and contours.

Maggie-Just a smaller version of Lisa.

Ned-Whitebread as usual.

Maude-As loving and Christian as hell. This just SCREAMS simple American traditional and some 30's Our Gang Short. A crossbreed between the 30's and Puritans. Oh, how clever! :rolleyes

Sideshow Bob-Nice curves and the whole shape is just fabulous. Need some mousse in the caboose though, Bobby Boy.

Edna Krabappel-Daringly nothing, but with a childish orgy sex appeal.


Chief Wiggum-You mock me! Too unstylish, looks like porkchops!