Life Imitating Art

Lisa Lionheart

Big Heart
Oct 17, 2001
New York, NY
Have any of you ever noticed a satirical situation on The Simpons actually happening afterwards in real life?

Example: In episode 3F20 “Much Apu About Nothing” a bear wonders into Springfield and everyone over-reacts. Kent Brockman does a special report from the Channel 6 newscopter and everyone is in a panic. Homer says “I’m sick and tired of these constant bear attacks” and Flanders responds “To be truthful Homer, in 30 years of living here this is the one and only bear I’ve ever seen.” And to pay for the “Bear Patrol” the town raises taxes etc. – Remember the episode?

Well, a few weeks ago in New York State, a bear attacked and killed a small child. That is horrible I grant you – but in reality, that was the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY a bear ever killed someone in New York State. If you watch the news in New York or read a newspaper, you would think that bears were breaking into people’s homes on a regular basis and snatching their children. It was a freak incident and people are blowing it out of proportion – just like on The Simpsons.

Does anyone else have another example of a joke on The Simpsons coming true?
There's always the real person named Hugh Jass. That happened on the Simpsons!