Let's just randomly post funny quotes

but i was about to bang my gavel making the sentence official
Milhouse: I love radioactive man. He's the best super hero ever!
Nelson: Really? What about Fist face?
Milhouse: Whose Fist face?
Milhouse: I demand you reveal the identity of Fist face!
Nelson: He's you! ( Punches Milhouse in the face)
thanks for the correction
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This is what makes me love THOH V so much:

Lisa: Mom, is dad gonna kill us?

Marge: We're just gonna have to wait and see.
should be a rule that quote threads cannot have anything past season 12 in them
Whaddya mean they don't normally?

when that joke comes up, and it's kind of a common one, they typically say what it's NOT, because it probably is a better joke but it's kind of overdone.

like, if i ate some shampoo and was like man this candy is good. the joke would probably be "urhh... that's not candy" but that's really overdone compared to "you're eating shampoo".

so i was pleased that they went the blunt, under-used route.
sorry old chap but you're proving quite the caterpillar in our buttermilk
Grandpa: Grover Cleveland spanked me on two non-consecutive occassions.

I got that from the random simpsons quote website which I searched for and didn't know actually existed!