Let's just randomly post funny quotes

Was watching the Nelson-Bart-Herman episode again.

20 years ago, the schoolgirl character on "Everybody Loves Raymond" is called "confident" in an episode for bullying a classmate.

A young son of one of my friends recently dropped out of ballet because his so-called "friends" were calling him "gay" for doing ballet and cyber-bullying him.

Nothing has changed.
From Season 9's Trash of the Titans:
Teddy Bear: I'm Sir Love-A-Lot, the bear who loves to love!
Homer: They didn't have Lord Huggington!?
Marge: It's the same basic bear, Homie.
Homer: I guess. (Turns away)
"Remember me as I am. Filled with murderous rage!"

The fact that Margaret Lenny Simpson got a freebie there must have really browned Homers knickers!
hey dude, he's raggin' on your cord
“Dammit Smithers this is brain surgery, not rocket science! Now hand me that ice cream scoop…”
"That was the tardy bell! Truant, truant they'll all say waaaaaahhh"
This whole scene is in my top 10 simpsons moments imo, I cant explain why but it just makes me laugh everytime without fail
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God, Milhouse is such a pathetic loser. When Rod and Todd get eaten alive in middle school, Milhouse will be the after dinner mints.
Compared to the intellect of the owners, he is. as they don't hire black people - that's why the factory's called that ;)
No wonder allied biscuit and table time are tied with southern cracker, Kirk really is running the place to the ground
Can I borrow a feeling will forever be a classic, Luanne was crazy not to get back together with Kirk after he serenaded her with his art
From "A Star Is Burns":
Don't eat pork! Not even with a fork! Can't touch this!
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You know you’ve reached middle age when you’re cautioned to slow down by your doctor, instead of by the police.” — Joan Rivers