Have you ever went to the school dance at your school or at the different school?


Jun 4, 2020
Good evening folks, have any of you ever went to the school dance at your school and or at the different school before where the different students from other schools would go to the Valentine's Day dance, the Prom dance, the Halloween Dance, the Christmas Dance in the different school?
My school had a dance party all the way back in P7 (6th Grade if you're American), when I was 11. All I remember is screaming the lyrics to Rasputin to my friends and drawing inappropriate things on the song commission list. Still the worst night of my life 👍
Never had kids from other schools at our dances. Same with the one time I went to one at another school with a girl I knew.
School Dances have always sort of interested me as its interesting watching various shows such as Simpsons, The Owl House & many others and seeing a school dance, as they were never really a thing at all during my school days. There were only discos when I was a teenager.

I will say that my Primary School was a small one unlike majority of schools portrayed in media (a lot of rural schools in Ireland are small ones anyway), so a school dance would of been rather impossible. Although, I do wander if Elementary Schools in the US actually have school dances or if its just a thing in The Simpsons & other shows that have a dance in an Elementary School setting.

As for Secondary School, everyone would of rather have gone to a disco instead, so I don't think anyone was interested in having a dance in school. I do think that if we had planned a school dance at my Secondary School as there would of been a lot of room for one, we wouldn't of been able to.

I don't remember hearing of school dances happening around me either, but saying that, I probably wouldn't of been told about it, or if I was, I probably would of forgotten it shortly after due to lack of interest.