God Jul, NHC!


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Aug 13, 2013
Gothenburg, Sweden
Well, I guess if even Cleve Boy gets a mention, I might as well get into the very generous Christmas spirit and give him one more chance.

Shape up now though. All right? No bait posting or trolling. Merry holidays.
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The Spruce Moose

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Nov 16, 2011
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I don't think I could be as eloquent as pkkao, but Merry Christmas to all! At a time of love and bonding I'd like to wish the best of holiday seasons to some of the people who deserve it most. Thank you for all your media recommendations, your jokes, your weird chat moments, your turning the board into an SJW paradise and everything that keeps me coming back.

To hamm, Paddlin, dobbie, kaos, ned, SVT, pey, handy, torm, kupo, Smiling, Shaun, Ryan, deadname, noodle, Telso, pax, torrens, OSS, hutz, kes, pops, apologist, clone, insomnia, inmate and all the other good boarders I haven't talked to often enough (let's change that in 2017 yeah)

Have the merriest of Christmases, it's the least you deserve!


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Dec 13, 2014
backwards land
god i love this board so much, everyone is so nice : )
to handy, to moose, to pey, to torm, to ryan, to kupo, to dobbie, to oss, to torrens, to telso, to kaos, to shaun, to pax, to paddlin, to smiling, to all of you boarders who have helped me grow up so much and become a better person and become a better boarder
i dont think id be who i am today without the influence of every single one of you
keep on making the board and hopefully the world a better place, and merry christmas to you : )
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May 10, 2016
Merry Christmas, everybody! Got a new Macbook Pro (which I'm typing this on now) among other stuff! I love this board so much, even though I've only been here for a little over 6 months. Have a happy holiday, everyone!


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Sep 11, 2005
Merry Christmas, NHC! Hope you all have a great day! :D


Feb 14, 2012
Yeah, Merry Christmas everyone here!

The special ones know how special they are :sweetiedahling:


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Oct 3, 2014
Valley of Bowser
the reason why i persist on this board is because of the great atmosphere, the super nice and supportive users, everything i can't quite find anywhere else but here. best group of peeps i've ever have the pleasure of knowing, thank you all for your kindness to me in my short two years, sendin lots of hugs y'alls way right now :heart: :heart: (>^_^)>. have a great christmas day all, bunnic out

Smiling Politely

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Jan 27, 2013
Ontario, Canada
I am having a fairly pleasant Christmas, and wanted to wish all of you a happy Christmas as all. You're all wonderful in your own way, and the wonderful people here is what keeps me coming back. So merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you wonderful folks!
[MENTION=20302]Shaunbadia[/MENTION] [MENTION=65804]ThatsAPrancer[/MENTION] [MENTION=45944]kes[/MENTION] [MENTION=67879]Jingle Bellso[/MENTION] [MENTION=62459]pkkao[/MENTION] [MENTION=70019]Torrens[/MENTION] [MENTION=1694]krampusmog[/MENTION] [MENTION=38730]sinterklaaos[/MENTION] [MENTION=46605]Godot[/MENTION] [MENTION=45949]The Spruce Moose[/MENTION] [MENTION=53986]OldYulerSimpsons[/MENTION] [MENTION=67747]hopping through the snow[/MENTION] [MENTION=13536]Jims[/MENTION] [MENTION=156]Matty[/MENTION] [MENTION=69013]soup for all seasons[/MENTION] [MENTION=56353]deadname[/MENTION] [MENTION=63689]BuyMyCereal[/MENTION] [MENTION=26950]steamed_hamms[/MENTION] [MENTION=49859]tormenteDeck the Halls[/MENTION] [MENTION=3954]Mr. O'Reilly the Christmas Poo[/MENTION][MENTION=67667]LosTickaToeRest[/MENTION] [MENTION=57401]Cleve Boy[/MENTION] [MENTION=66897]Negative St. Nick[/MENTION] [MENTION=27754]comeau[/MENTION] [MENTION=191]Dark Homer[/MENTION] [MENTION=46382]hutz[/MENTION] [MENTION=70321]Hanukkah-Apologist[/MENTION] [MENTION=46441]Insomnia[/MENTION] [MENTION=65812]Ningle Bogs[/MENTION] [MENTION=47429]Jolly Inmate No. 2[/MENTION] [MENTION=65363]Nitsy[/MENTION] [MENTION=73406]justiNoel[/MENTION] [MENTION=48254]Miracle on 1010011010th Street[/MENTION] [MENTION=32798]Old painty-can Ned[/MENTION] [MENTION=32807]Squeaky Voiced Teen[/MENTION] [MENTION=25429]parklife[/MENTION] [MENTION=46658]zach[/MENTION] [MENTION=47653]Pops[/MENTION] [MENTION=73353]RobynS[/MENTION] [MENTION=45538]Silent Night, Crappy Night[/MENTION] [MENTION=73806]The REAL Santa Claus[/MENTION] [MENTION=61725]Tromboon[/MENTION] [MENTION=52467]BrokenBox[/MENTION] [MENTION=14077]box elder[/MENTION] [MENTION=1]eric[/MENTION]

And if I missed you, it's just because I'm losing my shit, not because I don't wish you a merry christmas!

Also, [MENTION=62459]pkkao[/MENTION], the trick to consuming media quickly is by abandoning all other hobbies, setting goals, and keeping track of statistics! It's a lifestyle.

ETA: And if you celebrate something other than Christmas, happy Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you happen to celebrate! Happy holidays regardless of what you're celebrating. :heart:


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Oct 11, 2014

Forum command activated I guess.

Oh well, have a Merry Xmas as well, Nilbog's Invisible Post.


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Oct 24, 2006
Spittle County
All these mentions and shout-outs; this is truly the thread that keeps on giving. All of you guys are pretty awesome.

I kinda feel bad for not giving all of you a mention in my first post but there's so many of you it would take ages and I would surely forget some; I'll just wish you happy holidays again, happy upcoming new year and all the best.
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Jul 24, 2007
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I... just lost a huge list of mentions and personalized messages I'm royally pissed off. :'( :mad: Gonna retype as much as I can remember.

[MENTION=49962]Snowing Politely[/MENTION] - There's nothing I can say here that will actually do a modicum of justice to how I actually feel about you. I love you, Liz. I love you and I miss you and you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. If it wasn't for you I might not even be here right now and quite frankly I owe you my life. Hopefully this time next year we'll be spending our first Christmas together in person :heart: :heart: :heart:

[MENTION=62459]pkkao[/MENTION] - You're an incredibly smart, mature kid and a shining example of teenagers who aren't shit. I feel like you don't get enough credit for that while we're spouting our anti-teen stances.

[MENTION=70019]Torrens[/MENTION] - One of the most unexpected and awesome friends I've made this year. An outstanding poster and an even more outstanding friend. I feel honored that you even give me the time of day to the extent that you do.

[MENTION=38730]sinterklaaos[/MENTION] - You're one of the most deeply critical minds the board has. I know you're aware that people practically jizz themselves when you make your lengthy showdown posts (BTW, I'm gonna hold you to Round 1-B thoughts sometime in January ;) ) but you do seriously have the chops and the analytical skills to make it a career.

[MENTION=45944]kes[/MENTION] - What can I say? You're one of the longest and closest friends I've had on this site and getting to know you off-board over the years has been a joy. Yours is quite possibly the most unique friendship I've ever had with someone and I thank you for that.

[MENTION=32798]Old painty-can Ned[/MENTION] and [MENTION=32807]Squeaky Voiced Teen[/MENTION] - Two of the best arguers on the site. You'd know damn well you were brothers even if you never explicitly stated it.

[MENTION=1694]krampusmog[/MENTION] - Mother to the board. Well, "Mother" may not be the most accurate term. More like a really cool aunt who can get shit done when needs be. You've been a wonderful friend and confident to me when I needed it and I thank you from the depths of my heart for it. Your long distance relationship turned marriage turned family starting with [MENTION=23743]D4C[/MENTION] is genuinely one of the most inspirational things I've ever seen on here and I hope you guys (And Amy) are having a wonderful Christmas.

[MENTION=66458]Eggnog[/MENTION], [MENTION=53986]OldYulerSimpsons[/MENTION], [MENTION=69013]soup for all seasons[/MENTION] and [MENTION=57401]Cleve Boy[/MENTION] - I know I bust your collective balls a lot but I'd be lying if I said this board would be anywhere near as entertaining without the constant presence of guys like you.

[MENTION=56353]deadname[/MENTION] - It's honestly weird to think that there was a time when we didn't get along even though that's still probably the longer of the two periods of time at the moment. Glad things changed though :D

[MENTION=65804]ThatsAPrancer[/MENTION] - You've been an amazing friend and confident to me when it counted. I only wished we could talk more.

[MENTION=45949]The Spruce Moose[/MENTION] - You said it yourself, we need to talk more. Having you on Discord this past while has reminded me why you're so great to have around. Make your presence on the board even louder so you can be that shining example of why Brits aren't shit.

[MENTION=45538]Silent Night, Crappy Night[/MENTION] - Man, you're practically the fuckin' life blood of this place for better or worse. Just keep doing what you do.

[MENTION=1]eric[/MENTION] - You're the person who actually runs the place so... thank you for having a bigger indirect impact on my life than you probably ever thought a Simpsons board could have on someone.

[MENTION=49859]tormenteDeck the Halls[/MENTION] - I didn't wanna lump you in with Handy even though the two of you do sorta go hand in hand to a lot of us. I'm really happy you've found someone this year (And got her to board here) in [MENTION=73353]RobynS[/MENTION] and I wish you the happiest of times with each other.

[MENTION=3954]Mr. O'Reilly the Christmas Poo[/MENTION] - I'm glad you came back. We'd have lost one of our most fun and enthusiastic people if you had opted to leave forever.

[MENTION=47653]Pops[/MENTION] - There's something special about you, and I never want you to forget just how much of a valued person you are on here. :)

[MENTION=46382]hutz[/MENTION] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFrGuyw1V8s

I'm sorry I don't have the time to give you all personalized messages but I don't want people to feel left out, so the rest of you get to play a game of "Where's Waldo?" with your names
[MENTION=46167]SCOTT SHRINER[/MENTION], [MENTION=48254]Miracle on 1010011010th Street[/MENTION], [MENTION=26950]steamed_hamms[/MENTION], [MENTION=14077]box elder[/MENTION], [MENTION=47291]Startug[/MENTION], [MENTION=27754]comeau[/MENTION], [MENTION=67747]hopping through the snow[/MENTION], [MENTION=67879]Jingle Bellso[/MENTION], [MENTION=67667]LosTickaToeRest[/MENTION], [MENTION=73406]justiNoel[/MENTION], [MENTION=156]Matty[/MENTION], [MENTION=70321]Hanukkah-Apologist[/MENTION], [MENTION=47429]Jolly Inmate No. 2[/MENTION], [MENTION=73245]AlphaOmega[/MENTION], [MENTION=46605]Godot[/MENTION], [MENTION=13536]Jims[/MENTION], [MENTION=65812]Ningle Bogs[/MENTION], [MENTION=68183]airalba[/MENTION], [MENTION=46441]Insomnia[/MENTION], [MENTION=73806]The REAL Santa Claus[/MENTION], [MENTION=73300]RedHollyBerryCommittee[/MENTION], [MENTION=21885]lionelhutz123[/MENTION], [MENTION=17229]CousinMerl[/MENTION], [MENTION=46658]zach[/MENTION], [MENTION=191]Dark Homer[/MENTION], [MENTION=63689]BuyMyCereal[/MENTION], [MENTION=52467]BrokenBox[/MENTION], [MENTION=25429]parklife[/MENTION], [MENTION=50326]Judge Fudge[/MENTION], [MENTION=13622]D DEBBS[/MENTION], [MENTION=27138]Walid, The Other Reindeer[/MENTION], [MENTION=13089]Tinselled Jim[/MENTION], [MENTION=72189]santaeaf[/MENTION], [MENTION=66778]Rembrandt Q. Einstein[/MENTION], [MENTION=65363]Nitsy[/MENTION], [MENTION=69985]/\/\ ( • ) • )[/MENTION], [MENTION=46458]The Thompsons[/MENTION], [MENTION=15701]Steve[/MENTION], [MENTION=63911]DoctorMcGann[/MENTION], [MENTION=73694]FormulaMoss[/MENTION], [MENTION=66897]Negative St. Nick[/MENTION], [MENTION=61725]Tromboon[/MENTION], [MENTION=72717]angeldeb82[/MENTION], [MENTION=16569]burnin'[/MENTION], [MENTION=46338]Swoony[/MENTION], [MENTION=14811]Traviud[/MENTION], [MENTION=57678]King Kabuki[/MENTION], [MENTION=50853]Kaine[/MENTION],

If I've missed anyone and I'm sure I have I'm really, really sorry but rest assured I love you all!

Happy Holidays to you all and have a Happy New Year, NHC!
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Jan 9, 2014
[MENTION=62459]pkkao[/MENTION] - You're an incredibly smart, mature kid and a shining example of teenagers who aren't shit. I feel like you don't get enough credit for that while we're spouting are anti-teen stances.

as someone who has to spend half my day surrounded by teens, I'm totally with y'all when it comes to the nhc's staunch anti-teen agenda so no worries there. In fact, as I was writing my usernote post I realized I probably wouldn't be able to write such a long sappy post about any of the teens I know irl. because teens suck.


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Sep 5, 2015
Merry Christmas to everyone here on NHC. :D


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Feb 19, 2006
Merry Christmas first of all to Shaun, who kindly dropped me a mention, and also to the board as a whole. I sincerely hope you all had a great one.

2016 was fucking awful and this Christmas is an excuse not only for theological commemoration, but for celebrating being alive this late into the year and retaining hope for 2017. This whole year was about finding the good embedded in shit. I came back to NHC after a long hiatus under unfortunate circumstances; I was attempting to kick an antidepressant after 18 months of use and was suicidal for about a month, so I doubled down on things I enjoyed during that time, which included animation. I started watching shows like Bob's Burgers, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and many others and tried to tune out the fucked up chemistry in my brain. This site has one of my favorite animation sections on the internet, so I came back to talk about these shows and, in so doing, met some great people and had some great discussions.

In the end, all I can say is that I'm grateful as it gets to still be here in December and with a lot of good things to look forward to in my life for 2017. Even if the world outside is a damn mess and great, talented people are dying unceremoniously all the time, at least we can still enjoy the things we love and talk about them with cool people.


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Jul 30, 2014
Should've got off at Crackton
Gonna do one too, sorry if it's not too verbose
[MENTION=47653]Pops[/MENTION] is a great funny quirky guy with interesting music tastes and a great presence
[MENTION=62459]pkkao[/MENTION], [MENTION=27754]comeau[/MENTION], [MENTION=45538]Silent Night, Crappy Night[/MENTION], [MENTION=49859]tormenteDeck the Halls[/MENTION], [MENTION=38730]sinterklaaos[/MENTION], and [MENTION=67747]hopping through the snow[/MENTION] are all great funny guys who make the board what they are, and re responsible for some brilliant humor.
[MENTION=73245]AlphaOmega[/MENTION] [MENTION=73300]RedHollyBerryCommittee[/MENTION] and [MENTION=73806]The REAL Santa Claus[/MENTION] you guys have great quirky posting styles and interesting tastes
[MENTION=53986]OldYulerSimpsons[/MENTION] you're the best one here, nice, hilarious, top-notch reviewer, always a great presence
[MENTION=20302]Shaunbadia[/MENTION], [MENTION=70019]Torrens[/MENTION], [MENTION=45944]kes[/MENTION], and [MENTION=65804]ThatsAPrancer[/MENTION] are the voices of reason, very intelligent posts.
[MENTION=1694]krampusmog[/MENTION] you're a great moderator, very smart and funny
[MENTION=49950]CandyCaneCastle[/MENTION] you're Disney reviews are always a delight, you have really established yourself as a board presence
[MENTION=67879]Jingle Bellso[/MENTION] has established himself as a great board presence too, always a good talker
[MENTION=46167]SCOTT SHRINER[/MENTION] plz come back
[MENTION=41077]Mr.[/MENTION] O'Reilly The Christmas Poo you're a chill, fun guy to be with
[MENTION=1]eric[/MENTION] you're the man who started it all that alone deserves respect
[MENTION=69013]soup for all seasons[/MENTION] has some off moments but is great when it comes to discussing music
[MENTION=49962]Snowing Politely[/MENTION] you're a excellent intelligent moderator
[MENTION=26950]steamed_hamms[/MENTION] has great wit to his posts, even if he should post less in the UK Politics thread
[MENTION=57401]Cleve Boy[/MENTION] can be annoying but he can also be fun
[MENTION=65843]Mazamaxe[/MENTION] i'm glad you're posting now and not just being a robot
[MENTION=45949]The Spruce Moose[/MENTION] is a great Brit user and a great talker
[MENTION=46458]The Thompsons[/MENTION] it's great to have another guy who likes bands like Rush
[MENTION=63689]BuyMyCereal[/MENTION] helped me discover the board through his excellent Simpsons reviews
[MENTION=70321]Hanukkah-Apologist[/MENTION] you're a great funny guy
[MENTION=32807]Squeaky Voiced Teen[/MENTION] and [MENTION=32798]Old painty-can Ned[/MENTION] are great debaters and arguers and top-notch when it comes to politics discussion
[MENTION=10073]Mira[/MENTION]cle on 1010011010th Street is a nice guy who should be more in Discord
[MENTION=63911]DoctorMcGann[/MENTION] it's great that you came back, you're crappy Simpsons episodes were an absolute delight
[MENTION=50853]Kaine[/MENTION] and [MENTION=24053]Brad Lascelle[/MENTION] are great Simpsons sectioners
[MENTION=73406]justiNoel[/MENTION] you have established yourself as a great presence really quickly, fit right in
[MENTION=191]Dark Homer[/MENTION] you're fake Simpsons eps are hilarious
[MENTION=156]Matty[/MENTION], [MENTION=46382]hutz[/MENTION], [MENTION=13536]Jims[/MENTION], and [MENTION=15701]Steve[/MENTION] you guys are all great moderators, funny too
[MENTION=66778]Rembrandt Q. Einstein[/MENTION] is one of the nicest guys here
[MENTION=25429]parklife[/MENTION] and [MENTION=46658]zach[/MENTION] you're brilliant movie buffs who's reviews and posts are a delight

@/\/\ ( • ) • ) i'm so relieved you got help and I hope things turn up for you
[MENTION=13622]D DEBBS[/MENTION] you're posts are always funny to read
[MENTION=17229]CousinMerl[/MENTION] you're a excellent presence in animated discussion
[MENTION=46441]Insomnia[/MENTION] you're a funny cool guy
[MENTION=47429]Jolly Inmate No. 2[/MENTION] it's great to have someone who likes bands like Rush
[MENTION=52467]BrokenBox[/MENTION] is a great guy with good tastes, should post more
[MENTION=61725]Tromboon[/MENTION] it's great to have a fan of classical music on, really made tonight's chat interesting
[MENTION=67667]LosTickaToeRest[/MENTION] is a nice intelligent poster

And the rest of you I can't think of much to say but you're awesome too.

Merry christmas to all.


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Jul 13, 2012
Wolverhampton, UK
Oh guys, oh you lovely, lovely guys.

I'm touched by the mentions and although it's a little late, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday and may the merriment continue.


Aug 29, 2014
I appreciate the wishes, but there are some things I'd rather not discuss certain things in the off topic, especially politics (I'm not really happy about some of the choices that America made this year)


Hole in My Head
Oct 11, 2014
Well you coulda fit right into us shittin all over america's political choices

Jerkass Homer

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Nov 18, 2012
[MENTION=49008]Jerkass Homer[/MENTION] you were a pleasant simps boarder to talk to. hope to see you around the board more.

My interest in The Simpsons has admittedly died down compared to like two years ago which has caused me to post a lot less here but i guess i can start being atleast a little active again since i have not gotten totally disinterested in the show and there are lots of other things to talk about here. ;)
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Feb 28, 2002
Mililani, HI
I have been drowning in my kid's PAW Patrol toys all weekend but all the messages have been so touching to read. I :heart: you guys. My work days are brighter and less annoying because of this board. I've been here for perhaps far too much of my life and have made many close friends and acquaintances through this board over the past decade and more. I am very, very glad this board drew in the crop of regulars that we have now and that so many of you are sticking around past all our endless board crashes and such. I feel fortunate for having the chance to get to know some of you better as a boarder and not as a mod, because you're all cool and greats peeps even if I may have infracted some of you in the past. I greatly look forward to chatting people up on this board each day and just having fun.