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the butt made of straws was from yesterday when I said I liked every single episode of Futurama which apparently is against the rules here? or somehow weird. its just an opinion man,
like the dude said. but the comment about kids watching was from today.

look lets clear something up right here so it doesn't get out of hand, I am a half glass full kind of guy very positive, I am really not a jerk. and I can be very sarcastic it kind of runs in my family. I tend to like everything, heck I haven't seen a bad star wars movie yet for instance. that's just the kind of guy I am I am more like that Gator guy that posts here I like almost all the simpsons episodes or shall I say every other episode is solid for me. I am truly sorry if I offended anyone on here.

I mean if you look at my avatar picture even, a picture of Stephen Hawking floating in space or zero-G atmosphere you get what kind of guy I am just a goofball!!!!!!
and I really like Science!
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yeah I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and guess you're not really 36 years old[/QUOTEno I was actually born June 5 1981 35 going on 36 4 days before my favorite actress Natalie Portman so technically I am not 36 I am 35 but this is my 36th year of my life technically ....

Like Carrie Fisher I am bipolar. I have learning disabilities so my grammar is kind of bad but I do use spell check so at least my spelling should be good. most of the times.
my intention was just to talk about my love of Futurama also to ask if Matt Groaning has any future shows on the horizon.

i got called immature by a guy who was halfheartedly pretending to be a russian spy, just so he could excuse his poor spelling/grammar. okey day.
i got called immature by a guy who was halfheartedly pretending to be a russian spy, just so he could excuse his poor spelling/grammar. okey day.
Dude It was a Joke LOL Like I said I am one of the most sarcastic people my whole family is like that. I am sorry If I offended you my friend:)
back to the topic at hand guys, One thing that makes Futurama so great is that throughout the show I cared about the characters. cant say the same for The Simpsons.
So what would you guys say is the worst episode of the series? (I have previously thought of making a separate 'Worst Futurama Episode' thread but I figured the question is probably best in this thread now that it has been revived).

My least favorite by far is 'Saturday Morning Fun Pit'; an unfunny, uninspired misfire that is downright terrible. Theres stuff I like about episodes I'm not very fond of and even the wierd trilogy episodes have things I enjoy, but this one has nothing that I even remotely can say I like.
The Futurama Holiday Spectacular will always stand out in my mind, being the first (and only) episode I completely hated start to finish. Awful songs, cringy moments like the space bees talking, very few jokes hitting (Cheney and Zoidberg gave the best laughs from what I remember), and just being such a dissapointment coming after the original run's two great X-Mas episodes.

Also really didn't care for 31st Century Fox, always get really bored from that one. Same for Leela and the Genestalk, barely anything hit despite their decent premises. In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela and Zapp Dingbat are also pretty shite.

Saturday Morning Fun Pit I still enjoy. Not necessarily a good concept for a Futurama episode, but most of the jokes worked for me. Would rather a trilogy episode be weird and fun like that than say Holiday Spectacular and Naturama.
I think that both Holiday Spectacular and Naturama are a lot better than Fun Pit (the former is pretty meh but has it's moments & and the latter I do find fairly enjoyable). Fun Pit probably could have worked but the execution was awful; it just doesn't work at all for me.
Naturama is great.

I'm not really sure though. I suppose Holiday Spectacular or Morning Fun Pit. Mostly the latter I'd say. Also, never really got people who hate That's Lobstertainment. It's pretty good.

Altough now that I think about it, Fun Pit is a lot better than Killer App or Gadda-Leela. It's a hard choice tbh, but going by memory, I'd say In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela is the worst.
Bender's Game is hands-down the worst thing to come out of the franchise, but if you're only counting proper episodes, then my shortlist would be "Attack of the Killer App", "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela", "Futurama Holiday Spectacular", and "T: The Terrestrial".
What's with Bender's Game's bad rep around here? The majority of people I've seen say The Beast With a Billion Backs is the worst movie.

I'd rank them Bender's Big Score > Bender's Game > Into The Wild Green Yonder > The Beast With A Billion Backs.
Neutopia's definitely one of the worst of the series imo. Just a completely unfunny guys vs. girls ep.
I always forget about Neutopia. Fuck that episode.

Beast With a Billion Backs has some downright terrible characterization and continuity with Big Score despite being a direct sequel, but it's really funny and has a really creative, out-there plot. The only things I don't really like about it are the Fry/Leela weirdness with the pointless new girlfriend character who seems to negate the whole point of the previous film (still love Brittany Murphy tho), the abrupt ending, and the elephant in the room of a whole act of the movie essentially being a great big rape joke that has the audacity to then try and tiptoe around the fact that it's a great big rape joke. It's still my second favorite movie in the franchise behind BBS and gets way too much shit, in my opinion.

I wanted to like Bender's Game but nearly 10 years later I still loathe it. It's disjointed as hell, more noticeably than any of the other Futurama movies, in a sort of Family Guy Movie way where it's obvious it was going to be split into multiple episodes. It really screws with the pacing. First it's about Leela's anger problems and having to wear a shock collar that puts her in half-assed duo-comedy antics with Zoidberg while Bender gets into a weirdly-specific parody of an obscure garbage Tom Hanks movie. 22 minutes later it's about going after Mom with the darkmatter crystal and discovering that she's been farming captive Nibblonians - which should have been a huge world-shattering revelation and which raises a whole lot of questions, but is treated so casually and barely acknowledged after the reveal. Like, that could/should have been its own damn movie. 22 minutes later it's a painfully lazy, generalized "fantasy stuff" parody that feels like it could have come from any crappy cartoon, and where most of the handful of memorable jokes are memorable for the wrong reasons ("Hermaphrodite", Bender cooking and eating the elves for some reason, etc.). The pattern is just too obvious this time around. Plus it feels like it never fucking ends. It would have been mediocre, maybe even potentially decent, if it were a 22-minute episode, but as a film it's almost torturous. It's the same length as Bender's Big Score but feels about three times as long. It just plain doesn't feel like they had enough material for a movie and threw this together and pooped it out to help fulfill the 4-film contract while they were working on Into the Wild Green Yonder (which has a lot of the same problems as this but is still a superior movie). They leave everything in the movie feeling so underdeveloped except the warmed-over fantasy bullshit that feels almost completely pointless. When pretty much every abandoned or hastily-wrapped subplot that gets cast aside would make a much better movie plot - the Igner revelation, the Nibblonians thing, "taking the fight to Mom", Bender losing his mind, Leela being forced to come to terms with her emotional problems... The writing in general is really weak. Pretty much the only jokes in it I really like are the "smell this milk" runner and the Knife Show thing that everyone but me seems to hate. And though it's not really major, there are a lot of weird little things that bug me, like the total lack of consistency with exactly how big the fantasy-version of Zoidberg is (sometimes his head is building-sized and then after a point for no reason it becomes the same size as everyone else's; even on the commentary they're pointing it out like they hadn't really noticed before and they're just kind of "whatever, who cares" about it, which sort of encapsulates the attitude the CC-era writers seemed to have much of the time).
It's also just not "big" and cinematic and the way the other three movies are. It really tries to be, and the first chunk of the movie up until they go to fantasy-land feels like it's definitely leading to that, with an epic confrontation with Mom because she's gone too far etc. but once we get to the main plotline it just doesn't feel justified in being a feature-film.

didn't intend to write a friggin' review but that's what being bored at work does to yas.
Neutopia's definitely one of the worst of the series imo. Just a completely unfunny guys vs. girls ep.

Oh yes, the gender wars episode (they never seem to get the hang of these in any show so they should just stop making them altogether); I really dislike how they made the guys uncharacteristically sexist and supremacist and it is a pretty annoying and not very funny episode. Not a big fan, but it's got some nice bits and pieces and I like the big rock alien ("Who can drink the most sulfur?").

Looking at it's R&R thread, it was pretty well recieved when it came out so I guess it was later down along the line it started getting more dislike.
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Early Futurama revival eps really turned me off from the later eps of the show....the shit like neutopia and the app one with the barfing and shitting goat felt very unfuturama-like and more akin to family guy with their crudeness and lazy humour.