Financial Panther watches Star Wars


I enjoyed this. The beginning was full of action, and I found the battle on Hoth to be quite riveting. I said in my last review that I didn't find Leia especially interesting, but after OldSchoolerSimpsons mentioned it, I did respect her taking charge and giving orders to the Rebel fighters.

I mentioned in my reviews of the prequels that I didn't find Yoda especially interesting, but I liked him more here. He felt like he had more of a personality to him in this, as he showed his disappointment and exasperation for Luke, and I liked when he and Luke met, with Yoda testing Luke on how he'd handle not getting immediately to who he thought would be Yoda.

On the less satisfying side, I thought Han was a smooth-talking dick who just wanted in Leia's pants, and I was disappointed that Leia would let herself be manipulated by him so easily.

I thought the duel with Vader was enjoyable, and I was surprised to learn that this movie was the one where Luke learns that Vader is his father; I just assumed it would be in the last movie of the original trilogy as the sort of "big reveal."

Good movie, and I liked it more than "A New Hope." 4.5/5