Duff Stadium is Back


Dec 2, 2001
Well, it's finally back. I know most of you don't care but oh well. It was definetly a mistake to close down for this past month, and I promise never to do that again. http://fudd.cjb.net
I agree would be good to see a site with full episode downloads as I have missed the last 3 new episodes and wouldn't mind seeing them. Justin might be opening powersauce with a new design and stuff in a couple months, dont want to go too much into that as I dont remember if that was a secret or not... anywho they are suppose to have full eps and stuff, so that would be good.

Anywho the new version is a good improvement, not a fan of black and it's a bit plain, but there is nothing wrong with that me thinks.
Is it true you closed up because of some bad feed back? I mean, keep trying, you only had the site (to my knowledge) up for 5 or so months. I also liked the contests. It sounds like you had a lot of fun making the site so i think you are mad to shut down so early.
But whatever ou choose to do, It's your life!
I agree with Jim. It was at least worth having a try, and, considering it was a new site, it had good content and a nice design. :(
bad feedback at SMB shouldn't be a reason to shut down a site. Mike (Elbarto) take a look at the simpsons folders web section and take a look at all the past designs for sites like LETS and ET, they suck, but they're still around and better than ever.