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It'll be that or a kooky older woman clad in black.
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oh i'm pleasantly surprised, it is another 20 year old working class twenty-first century british girl!

it is nice that they're using a really unknown actor though. she doesn't even have a wikipedia page.

also the daleks are back again​. nice.
did you notice how the new companion is wearing a prince t shirt?


clearly this scene was filmed in the last couple of days

or her character is from the 1980s and she just happens to be wearing a prince t shirt
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..cant wait!
I'm sorta glad they never went thru with the Nelvana animated Dr Who series.. but this Archer style animated reconstruct looks good.. and its only a individual thing.. Not that I would boo any thought they'd have of giving spin-off series to Dr Who characters in this fashion?

Uhh, yeah,.. the Big question mark on his coat really sells the point to the kiddies...?
I never did review of the episodes that aired in 2015 and seeing that only the Christmas episode is happening this year and next season isn't happening until spring next year, so I have had plenty of time to write them but haven't done so...until now.

Now, I have seen those 2015 episodes only once, so obviously my opinions of them are still the same they were when I saw them back in 2015.

Also I'm in luck that most of them are two-parters so I don't have to make 13 different post about them.

I'm not going to make one today, though. Maybe tomorrow or day after that.
Well, this took longer than I though :(. Been busy on other things for awhile, but now I can finally write this. :)

The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar

Well, for me this was the best two-part episode of the season for many reasons, one being as the wait for it was so long and we meet the Master again and also Davros, who I think last was around at the time of the Tenth Doctor. I hope we don't need to wait as long until he shows up again (he obviously survived what happened at the end, if he can survived what happened last time, he can survive this one too).

The meeting between Davros and the Doctor was for me the best part for many reasons, and to my understanding basically all their meetings before this have been good or at least the highlight of the story.

Also the scene (when Davros open his real eyes), when it was finally revealed the both faked their feelings (Davros tears and emotional talk when he congratulates the Doctor for saving his (the Doctor's) home planet and when they share a laugh), I think that Davros at least was a little bit of sincere of his feelings (though I don't think he would never admit it).

Most shocking:eek: thing to me was how the first part ended, because would the Doctor really kill that child even if he will grow up to be Davros, but of course the second part shows that not everything was as it seemed.

It's really shame they didn't use the Master more this season (the Master also obliviously survives at the end), but I can understand them not using the Master more, because most of the episodes were two-parters.

Now, hopefully the reviews for the later episodes won't take this long to do:-/.
Well I managed to do this faster than I though I would :), so here it goes.

Under the Lake / Before the Flood

This is the one two-part story that I don't really remember the least and I even had to look for episode summaries for it to remember to write about the correct episodes:-/.

What kind of story is this then? It's a mystery story with plenty of horror elements and a little time travel mixed in.

The story makes much more sense when the episodes are watched back to back (the second episode happens in the past of the first, though not obliviously to the people who travel to the past, of course) and again the first episode ends with a cliffhanger that's is more weird (at least to me) than in the first two-parter and again not everything is what it seems.

The bad guy, who was behind it all, was (at least to me) used way too little (and only in the second part), but I liked the confrontation between him and the Doctor.

And also, the second episode begins with the Doctor breaking the fourth wall and speaks straight to the viewers about stuff I won't spoil here, but it's related to the things happening in the story.

That's basically all I can say about this two-parter, It's really not so bad but not so good either, and also don't think it's an average story either. To me it's just a two-part story that I have no need to see anytime soon.
Unlike the previous two-parter, this one I remember very well :). This one will also be much easier to write about than the next two-parter.

The Girl Who Died / The Woman Who Lived

These two episodes doesn't really feel like a two-parter and only the Doctor, Clara and the person who the episodes reference to appear in both episodes.

I like these two episodes much more than the previous two and I guess the next two too, one reason probably being that both are set in the past, and the other probably being that both episodes aren't really that dark like rest of the episodes in 2015 (at least until the Christmas special), though both do deal with Ashildr's (the person who the episodes reference to) and coming back to live again.

I honestly didn't expect to see Ashildr again after this two-parter, but she does show up later in the season, but I think here she was at her best and was still likable. In later appearances, yeah not so much :(.

Also, funnily enough, I did recognize the actor playing AshildI even though I don't watch Game of Thrones. I do know someone who does and also watch Doctor Who, but that person didn't recognize the actor until weeks later by watching Game of Thrones again :lol:.
It's been awhile, but here is the next two-parter.

The Zygon Invasion / The Zygon Inversion

I really don't know what to write about this two-parter :(. Unlike episodes 3 and 4, I can remember this one, but I just don't know what to write about it.

It continues about the Zygon thing from the The Day of the Doctor and answers the questions left answered about the Zygon situation. Kate and Osgood are also back in this one too.

I guess things happen in these episodes that can't really be talk about without given any big spoilers about the story (especially about the cliffhanger), so I guess I can use that as my excuse of not writing anything else about it.

Overall, at least, to me, it was better than the episode 3/4 two-parter.
Might as well write about this shitty one-parter now already. This won't take long...

Sleep No More


That's basically the best way to describe my feelings towards this only one (the only one-parter this season) during me watching it, after watching it and my current feelings towards it.

There are so many bad things about it, I don't know were to start, so I just make it simple and say almost all about it was shit, and not just the ending:mad:. I heard that in the next season there will be sequel to this one, which hopefully will fix this shitty mess, but I seriously doubt it :(.

If people ever want to watch Doctor Who or just want to watch Capaldi version of him (if the haven't seen his version yet), skip this one, it's seriously not worth it at all.
Writing about these three won't be easy... :(

Face the Raven / Heaven Sent / Hell Bent

Part I

Before seeing this one, I think it wasn't confirmed it will end with an cliffhanger, or at least I never heard anything about it ending with this one.

Yeah, I don't like what happened in this episode, especially towards the end. The person I know that also watches Game of Thrones, really hates this episode, Ashildr who finally returns and especially ravens.

But it really was nice to see Rigsy again and seeing how he is doing and I hope this isn't the last time see him.

Part 2

Boring. That's how the person that I know (who also watches Game of Thrones) describe this one during it and after watching it.
Honestly I have this feeling too.

The Doctor appears in this episode almost completely alone in this weird castle thing and he spend most of this time wondering were he is and trying to figure out why is he here and who to get out and that basically all this episode is.

It's really a middle part of a bigger story where not much is happening and I have no interest watching this other than watching all three part back to back.

Part 3

This obliviously was the most interesting part of three and maybe the most interesting in the whole season.

It was nice to be back to Gallifrey and seeing the Time Lords there (yes even Rassilon) and I guess Ashildr too.

We don't spent much dealing much with Gallifrey or Rassilon, but what we get is nice none the less. I have have feeling that it won't be long until we hear about what Rassilon is planing next (at least not as long as it took him to appear again after last time we saw him).

Most of this episode deals with things I won't spoil here but it brings all three episodes together and in a way, the whole season too. It also, to me, fixed things from the first part, so it won't look as bad it did before this episode.

That's all I have to say about these three or these season in general and up next is the Christmas special...finally! :)
Might as well write about the previous year's Christmas special now and be done with it all 2015 episodes.

The Husbands of River Song

This is easily the best Doctor Who episode of 2015! There's no question about it (well, at least I think so)!

It was nice to see River once again and this is mostly the last time we do so. To my knowledge, she still appears in audio format, but I really don't know much about Doctor Who audios, so I can't say anything about that.

It was also nice to see Capaldi as a happy Doctor and he even laughs at one point :eek:. I know, that's really hard to imagine, seeing as what Capaldi Doctor went through in the previous episodes, but I think this was there intention make the Doctor happy (at least a little), which is fine by me.

Overall, this was a nice little episode and a nice change of pace compared to the rest of the 2015 episodes :)

Now, I most likely see the 2016 Christmas special before the end of the year, but I will only write about it at some point of January, because I have no rush to write about my opinions about a Doctor Who episode anytime soon. Not that the episodes were bad or anything (well, episode 9 is), but I'm not very good at this sort of thing.
A shame I had to check out halfway through his tenure. I only really paid attention to his first series but I liked Capaldi's Doctor a helluva lot. It's Moffat's vision for the show that I can't stand. I had been hoping that Capaldi would be able to see Moffat off and then I could maybe get back into the swing of things...but alas. A few days ago, I actually found myself longing to get back to the RTD days. Can you imagine? And not even the good ones. necessarily. I'd perhaps settle for the lame, latter day RTD era if it would mean not having to stomach Moffat's try-hard, 'overly complicated for the sake of it' time-twaddle.

It's a crying shame when I think back to the respect he commanded before he became showrunner. I think becoming showrunner has stretched his talents much too thinly as a writer. Not to say he doesn't still fire off the odd masterpiece here and there (Listen is probably still top ten material for me, were I to go back and watch it), but his output has been wildly inconsistent in recent years. And that's being charitable. Under his watch, the quality of the show as a whole has been wildly inconsistent. I don't care for the meta, overly self-referential tone that he seems to smugly revel in, and I think he was mistaken in trying to adhere to the modern day televisual rule of series-long arcs, as his are usually a bit tough to swallow, and were never as fluid seeming as they were in the era that directly preceded it anyway.
Now I can finally I can write something about the only Doctor Who episode of 2016, The Return of Doctor Mysterio!.

Well, I really don't have too much to say really. I liked it more than I did, The Husbands of River Song.
It was also interesting to see Nardole again, I really didn't expect him to appear ever again, at least not as a companion.

The episode itself had almost nothing to do with christmas, but that was alright, I don't think it would have really worked with all the things going on.

The superhero stuff worked just fine in my opinion and I have no problems with superheroes appearing in a show like Doctor Who, The Doctor himself basically is a superhero.

I really should had written this in before the new season started :(, because now I have seen first episodes of the new season and it really effects my opinion about this episode (especially things related to Nardole), so I can't write much more what I first though about this episode after seeing it.

I won't take this long to write about the first episodes of the new season, that's for sure.
I'm actually more excited over the news that Steven Moffat is finally leaving the show. After seven years and six seasons of extreme scattershot quality, it was long past overdue that he finally left show.

I have never seen anything Jodie Whittaker has been in, but I know she was in Broadchurch, and I heard that was an amazing show, so I have no doubt she'll give a great performance as the 13th Doctor.

I'm sad that this Capaldi's last season though. After two seasons of the writers seemingly not being really sure of where to take the character, it's kind of disappointing that he's decided to leave for his third season, which I found to be his best one and when the writers finally got a beat on his character. Regardless, I'm looking forward to his final appearance as the Doctor for the Christmas special, it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

I hope Bill comes back though, I thought she was a great companion. Though her last appearance in Series 10 looks like it was meant to permanently write-off her character from the show (or at least if her actress doesn't want to come back).
Is this thing on? I got curious to see if there was a Doctor Who thread only to see that I was commenting in it.

I think its very funny that this thread has quite literally completely skipped the 13th Doctor.
I personally loved the Capaldi era and his final three episodes in particular were, in my opinion, the high water mark for NuWho.

Super keen for the 60th. I wonder to what extent the show under RTD will differ from his first stint 15 years ago.
I personally loved the Capaldi era and his final three episodes in particular were, in my opinion, the high water mark for NuWho.

Super keen for the 60th. I wonder to what extent the show under RTD will differ from his first stint 15 years ago.
I wasnt the biggest Twice Upon a Time fan (to be fair Ive only seen it once). But the last two episodes of Series 10 were top notch and while at the time I was feeling Moffat fatigue but his era ended on the highest note possible.
While Im excited for all the great costumes I do have to wonder how many historical episodes are going to be in an 8 episode season + special (technically 2 specials since we can assume the first holiday special is also with 15). Still, this drip is unmatched.