Do you have the Season DVD/Blu-ray Boxsets?


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Jul 23, 2022
How many of you have any of the Season DVD/Blu-ray boxsets? Would be nice to know and/or see your collection if you have any of them.
I have all the DVDs except for the following:
- Season 5 (planning to buy it soon)
- Season 15 and 17 (can't find them online at an affordable price)
- Seasons 18 and 19 (they haven't been released in my country)

Edit - as of 2023 I got both the fifth and fifteenth season boxsets
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I have DVD box-sets from 1 to 9, the seasons I enjoy.
I think 7th, 8th and 9th are the charcter-head edition box set.
The first to be shaped like that was the 6th (probably my fave), I think, but this model was already out of circulation when I started my short collection.

I don't have a DVD player anymore, so I keep them just as a fan.
Now I watch to the show on streaming only. :)
The season 20 boxset is very disappointing as it has exactly zero bonus features
Except for the excerpt from the Morgan Spurlock documentary. Also note that the 4x3 episodes are in SD while the widescreen ones are in HD.

You have to remember that the season 20 box set came out just after season 20, so there wasn't really any time to add special features. Most of the DVD sets were released around 10 years after that season aired.
I'm debating picking up the season 20 blu ray. Originally I was against it but with the way physical media is going these days, you kind of have to take what you can get.
Meanwhile I'm fine with getting the regular DVD as the Blu-ray doesn't offer anything else besides the picture quality which to me isn't enough of an incentive.
Meanwhile I'm fine with getting the regular DVD as the Blu-ray doesn't offer anything else besides the picture quality which to me isn't enough of an incentive.
Better durability though. Blu rays are more scratch-resistant.
@lionelhutz123 I know, but consistently is another factor for me as I have the regular DVD sets of all the other seasons, including the ones that were also released on Blu-ray (13 through 17).

I normally buy them brand new and take very good care of them. Usually the worse I deal with are fingerprints that I merely wipe off.
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Hey guys,

Anybody who has The Simpsons season 20 anniversary set on dvd (not bluray), did they at least apply the correct aspect ratio for when the season transitions to the HD episodes?

I'd get the bluray, but it's so expensive for a set with no special features.
Ok cool. I figure my decade+ long hold out for a proper release with commentaries is never going to get anywhere. These days I'm just grateful a physical boxset exists for any show.
Hello all.

I have bought this "box" with 4 dvd's but i think it missed the cardboard cover and i'm having a hard time finding out wich season they are from.
Can somebody help me with this?
Thanks a lot.PXL_20230511_182203170.jpgPXL_20230511_182401148.jpgPXL_20230511_182156088.jpg
i got the first 10 seasons second hand from amazon this time a year ago


i even made a thread about it a year ago as well :)
I have Seasons 1-19 of the show on DVD with Season 8 being in it's head box edition. Most of them I brought brand new, with the exception of Season 10, which I did buy in a less-than perfect condition (but at least the disks worked). Never really bothered getting the Season 20 DVD's, mostly because of its lack of bonus features.
I recently picked up The Simpsons season 20 anniversary set. For over a decade I've refused to buy it for being a bare bones release but nowadays I'm starting to think we should be grateful it's available for purchase in this bizarre streaming landscape.

With what's going on with the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike and how these greedy streaming companies and CEOs prove to show little respect for preserving content and the creative process, I just think it's worth picking up whatever physical media we can.

No commentaries is disappointing but it's still a solid boxset in terms of picture quality, artwork, etc. The menus are pretty neat too.
IMG_20230811_192932-min (1).jpg

Here's my Simpsons DVD collection. I only have the sets of the original run of DVD releases, so missing seasons 18 and 19. I bought seasons 1-10 sometime before the movie hit back in 2007, as far as I remember, and then the rest as they were released. I have double season 3 and 20 because some of the discs got scratched (damn that season 20 packaging), and also season 12 because I originally bought the standard edition and later got the head version. I've noticed a lot of hate for the "Limited Edition" versions of seasons 11-17, but I love them. I think they really outdid themselves with the artwork for the boxes starting with season 11. Season 14 box is by far my favorite because of the Treehouse of Horror theme. I dug these up from a moving box after an almost ten year hiatus from The Simpsons after I got a nostalgia kick recently. Now I have to get those two seasons I don't have to complete the set. I hope they start releasing seasons 21 onwards in the future.