Do you admire certain traits that Simpsons characters have?


Mar 9, 2012
Taipei City, Taiwan
It's basically what the title says. Most of us have been viewers for years, since the beginning, or maybe some are newer. Since we've been with these characters for a long time, what kind of traits do you like from certain characters? Which are more relate-able? Which traits might you want? :D
I relate heavily to Lisa Simpson because even though she's socially isolated, she deeply cherishes her own passions and wishes the world could be a better place. At the same time, she's a regular human being with basic wants (a pony!) and only a certain tolerance threshold for her family, but her unique place in the show tends to provoke beautiful storytelling.
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I admire a rag that has the ability to talk...

Seriously though, I guess I admire Principal Skinner's lax side (Like the one we saw in "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badass Song").
I also admire Barney's rarely seen intelligence/depth and Lisa's musical talent
I like how Flanders hardly ever takes things personally--even when he's insulted to his face (or otherwise has someone be rude to him), he usually just laughs it off.
I'll start off with the main family, then expand it later on:
Homer-- I admire his attitude towards living; he's all-in and is not afraid of what consequences. On the other hand, I am afraid of bad consequences but luckily I have a plan for it most of the time.
Marge-- Dedication and moral. This is probably a little more like me. I think I'm quite well educated, morally. On the other hand, I lack dedication for things that I don't like, but strong dedication for things I like. Something I could really work on.
Bart-- I admire the fact he's not afraid to do anything. This could be good or bad, but it vaguely resembles me. I give things a good shot once a while, but I'm always pretty nervous about things.
Lisa-- Ambition, conscience, and intelligence. I'm quite ambitious of my future plans and I work quite hard in attempts to achieve it. I'm conscientious and honest most of the times, and sometimes virtuous. In terms of intelligence, uh... not much resemblance but I guess I'm a slightly above-average essay-writer. I think Lisa is one of the characters that are easily relatable for me, except for the fact that I'm actually quite social.
Maggie-- I can't say much about Maggie, but I wish for the time where I could be a lot younger and worry less...

Oh, and as a response to the post above; I like that one :D
Homer's willingness to go the extra mile for his family, even if it is usually the wrong thing to do or only became necessary due to his oafish nature, is admirable. Lisa's Pony or the ending of Lisa's Substitute or Bart the Daredevil for instance is what I'm trying to mean.
I really admire Marge's position as the rock of the family. Sure, she gets angry sometimes, but usually she's the one with a cool head. To paraphrase The Simpsons, a sobering yin to Homer's raging yang.
Homer is a winner for me because no matter what happens, he's always trying his best for his family. Like [MENTION=46754]Ernie[/MENTION] said, he's all in. Various family members annoy Homer no-end, but underneath his loutishness, his general boorish behaviour and his stupidity, he is still trying to be a good dad and husband. This is particularly true in the earlier seasons when Homer's behaviour wasn't just about sight-gags.
I like the way Snake carries himself. He even made Homer look cool when he possessed him in Hell Toupee.

I actually kinda admire Bart for the whole "underachiever and proud of it"-mentality. Instead of being insecure about his flaws, and instead of feeling bad about being in some ways a "loser", he's just all like "Yep, that's just how i roll!" and can honestly let it all roll right of his back and be as happy as a clam.