Call of Duty: Café Brawl


Edgy McEdgeEdge
Dec 7, 2013
Castle Graveskull
This is hilarious. Apparently some guy in Thailand was playing Call of Duty in a cyber café and was pissing people off online. Not only was he camping but he was also spouting a lot of trash talk. Eventually, one gamer just couldn't take it anymore and when the camper revealed his location, he ran down to the café for the ultimate smack down. The results were nothing short of beautiful, check it out:
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i normally hate the kind of trolling stuff that goes on on youtube and stuff with call of duty, but it really is so fun to take the piss out of overly obsessed call of duty players through various means like inviting them to a 1 vs 1 using sniper guns only and turning headshots off/using regular guns or only using a knife in gun game. should be beneath me but it's just too fun
it is usually a gateway game into others

Just imagining some parent giving their kid a lecture on what playing Call of Duty can lead to like he'd just been caught puffing a joint.

"Damn it, Billy! Do you have any idea what playing around with this stuff will lead to!? Sure, now it's just a few quick games of Call of Duty here and there but then it'll be just a night or two of Grand Theft Auto! Then after that it'll be a few weeks of Elder Scrolls and then before you know it BAM! You've put your future at risk because your grades started to suffer and you can barely keep a dead-end job at McDonald's just to feed your crippling World of Warcraft addiction. It's a slippery slope, Billy! A slippery slope..."