Breaking Bad

This has probably been posted, but it's hilarious and I don't feel like looking through every page.

I think season 4 for me, because of the most epic moments "crawl space" and "face off". But im not sure actually of which is my overall favourite, it's hard to choose.

or are you just saying that to be "edgy"?
Well, it's half joking and half quoting from the show. There's a scene where Lydia is handcuffed to a table and Mike gives explicit instructions on what happens if she screws up the call with Hank. I think I quoted it partially right.

Love the show.
There's a scene where Lydia is handcuffed to a table and Mike gives explicit instructions on what happens if she screws up the call with Hank.

I can see that being turned into a bad dirty fan fiction.

There actually is some of the show already (Don't ask me why I know this..).
Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science!

I'd probably put season 5 last right now to be honest, although that could all change with the final 8 (and it probably will, tbh). I'd say 2, 4, 3, 1, 5a.
Fuck. Choosing which seasons I like better than others in the series is like choosing between children for me. All of them are just so different and tremendous in their own way. It's like comparing apples and oranges honestly.
Exactly. It's impossible to choose that one favourite season. I just love all of them equally. They all have those couple of episodes that are just filled with badass moments.
I really, really love Season 5A. Even though it's only eight episodes it feels so packed and tight. The season got right to the point and found its focus right away, rather than the slow burn that Season 4 was. Some of the best scenes in the series are in S5A. Walt and Skyler's fight in "Fifty One," Walt's "empire business" speech in "Buyout," pretty much the entire train heist sequence in "Dead Freight," and the super tense, super awkward Walt/Jesse scene towards the end of "Gliding Over All" are all amazing scenes.

But that's not to say that the other seasons aren't great. Season 1 is pretty goddamn great; it's what got me hooked onto the show after all. Season 2 was simply amazing because of how much happened in the span of just 13 episodes. After Season 5A, 2 is probably my favorite.
I'm rewatching and so this might change, but as of now:

4, 3, 5A, 2, 1

really hard because I don't feel like I'm being nice enough to 2 or 1. just because they're ranked last doesn't mean they're 'bad'l i truly don't dislike anything about this show.

so season 5 is officially on Netflix, so my rewatch is a go. Can't fucking wait to get to 5A; I've only seen every episode once.


It KILLS ME when Jesse cries. I just wanna hug him. :(
it's breaking bad so i'm totally down for it.

i was going to watch 1-4 over the course of the summer in hopes that netflix would add s5A. otherwise I would've had to buy that or find some other way to do so, since i didn't want just 1-4.

unfortunately i waited a lot longer than i should have. fortunately though that means the next 9 days are pretty much going to be me doing nothing but watching when i'm not working, so there's that.
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