Breaking Bad

 Episode 511

Hank finally gets out of the bathroom 3 episodes after finding out Walt was Heisenberg due to a massive diarrhea attack. He goes out to speak to Walt and the family, but suddenly collapses. Walt Jr. finds Hank lying on the floor, dead, and goes "W-w-what the hell h-happened?" It's revealed that Walt put laxatives and a slow killing drug in Hank's food. Skyler eats Hank's food to test it and dies. Walt Jr. trips and falls into the pool, drowning. With Marie left, Walt fucks her, gets her pregnant and nine months later they have another child named Holly, putting the old one to shame. The whole drug plot is forgotten as this is a backdoor pilot to AMC's new family comedy "Odd Moments." 
so I was just watching the opening scene to season 5 and the first thing we see before the breakfast plate is a place-mat with pictures of drinks that has the slogan, "rethinking refreshment". I'm taking it as walt has reconsidered the option of disappearing with the help of saul's guy who can relocate you better than the likes of witness protection, mentioned in season 4. I mean obviously him relocating and changing his name/appearance isn't anything we don't already know, but I just thought that little detail was a nice touch.
One of my friends has watched a few episodes now. He's a movie nerd so I expect he will love this show.
Oh god i almost died in laughter when i found these!!!:D




Since you can change your name in youtube now there's been lots of these convos on breaking bad videos. lol

This one isnt that good. Ive seen way better ones.


Just thought I'd bump the thread with a video.

Funny parody, but I don't get the deal with Asian Jesse. :lol:

I am currently re-watching the reruns on AMC. I wonder if they'll keep showing reruns after it ends this year.
I did a rewatch last summer before the season began, and I said I wasn't gonna do it again this summer. But goddammit, I caught a few episodes late on AMC the other night and just had to watch them. This show is so damn good you almost can't not watch it when its on. I'm jealous of people who haven't seen it yet...and to this day I'm baffled that my brother made it through two seasons (and claims he loved it) yet apparently hasn't had the desire to pick it up again.
I'm probably going to get out of my seat and clap my hands after the finale airs.
I'm glad someone asked him about the penis skyscraper he built in one of his How I Met Your Mother episodes (called "Aldrin Justice"). He's very funny in it and I'd definitely recommend it to any Cranston fans whether you like the show or not. And when you think about it part of what makes BB so amazing is that it's grim and tense but it's also straight-up hilarious. Like funnier than the majority of comedies out there. Part of it is Cranstons overblown reactions which can be just priceless, and also his wonderful chemistry with Paul. It's great when he just gets dumbfounded over the idiotic things Jesse says.
I'm currently rewarcgjbg the series to prepare for August 11.

I gotta say - when you've seen it all, season 1 seems like a completely different show

A good kind of different, though.
I agree. I like the more comedic elements of the first season.

It did contain the only moment I found predictable, though. The scene where Krazy-8 tries to kill Walt with the plate shard.

I remember watching it the first time and I was like "oh, he took a shard from the plate when Walt passed out." That was the ONLY time in the entire series where I was like "that was too easy." :lol: