Bart's Love Interests: Who is The Best?

I will say, for a lot of relationships Bart has had, some of them could easily have remained as friends similar to Laura. Mainly Mary, Greta & maybe Gina. Nikki & Jessica I'm not sure, and Jenny I can see hating Bart for lying to her.
TheRealJims just released what is, quite possibly, the most succinct, thorough and observant breakdown of Bart's many romantic trysts and forays and what they ultimately say about his character.

I honestly think it's one of his best written videos to date.

The best part of this video is him just going “the writers seemed to forget this was a 10-year old boy”

I forgot they brought back Mary spuckler twice to attempt synergy with freakin new girl
“My Octopus and a Teacher” isn’t a perfect episode, but I thought it did a solid job resetting Bart to a believable 10-year-old state in a crush storyline. It’s interesting to compare it to “Teenaged Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles” which is another episode about Bart having a crush on a teacher from just a few years earlier. In that episode he’s very much having a good time trying to get the attention of this grown woman, very sure of himself and what he wants, even positions himself as a rival to Skinner for the teacher’s affections. In “My Octopus and a Teacher” he’s awkward, nervous, sad, jealous and scared by turns, he spends like half the episode unable to really pinpoint his emotions, he alarms everyone with his weird behavior and he eventually needs to go to Homer for advice on how to cope. There’s even a logical setup for why he would experience these feelings toward her so that it’s not just a guy being a guy with a good-looking woman in the room (she saved him from drowning at a pool that summer). They might have even overreached a little making him act young, but I appreciated the sense I got that someone very intentionally decided to get Bart into that space of writing him like a child again, because the super-jaded 10-going-on-30 route really…heh…got old. You can’t really buy that this is the same Bart who was having a full-blown affair with Shauna Chalmers and that’s a good thing.
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