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I just watched Treehouse of Horror 2. In the Monkey's Paw segment, while Kang and Kodos are invading Earth, Apu asks someone named Gordon for help. Gordon simply says "What can I do? I'm a baker now!". Who is Gordon? Is it supposed to be some pop culture reference, or did they just create that character for that one joke (ie, Happiest Person in Springfield)?
Just for that one joke. It says this on the wiki.

"When Kang and Kodos arrive to enslave the people of Springfield, courtesy of Lisa's world peace wish, Apu begs Gordon to do something about it, but Gordon is clueless to respond, stating that he is a baker now. It's unknown how the two got acquainted, or what Gordon does before becoming a baker."
I get the feeling that if that episode had been made later they would have used Ranier Wolfcastle for that joke.
Yeah, it would be a lot more funnier: I.E. he could've used that loafers joke (baker, loafer, the 2 are related to each other) from A Star Is Burns, but then again, that would be backporting the joke, and they'd most likely haven't came up with it at the time.
I remember hearing that somewhere in the world The Simpsons was broadcast with everyone having blue colored skin? I forgot the country and I couldn't find any video that wasn't an obvious fake.
In which of episode (I'm sure it belongs to HD era), Homer runs for advice to Lenny and Carl and without listenning the problem, Lenny says "The 3rd season of everything is the best"?
Hello. Do u know in which episode is scene when Marge preparing some outfit and every part of that outfit comes from another Simpsons episodes, and at the bottom of the screen there is an inscription which episode the clothes come from and probably Comic Book Guy face besite. Thanks in advance and sorry for my English, but this is not my everyday language

edit: it`s for sure scene from season 11-13
Was there ever an episode where at the very start of the opening crawl, "The Simpsons" is misspelled, something like "The Simpzoids"?
No, there wasn't. It has always been spelt The Simpsons and any other spelling of the title is not a real opening

However, in "Cape Feare" the title card is shown as The Thompsons, though that was midway through the episode, and was done intentional.
"The Shrimpsons" - Season 29 Ep 7

"The Flintstones", then "The Simpstones", and only after "The Simpsons" - Season 29 Episode 18 (635-Gunsmoke breaking episode)

"The Outlands" within s23e14 (500th)

"Simpcraft" - Season 25, episode 17
Since “200 Miles to Oregon” is a fictional movie, does anyone happen to know where this picture is actually from?

[MENTION=88277]Nicolas Vegas[/MENTION] The image in question dates back to 2011 which means its from season 22 or 23 most likely. It's also possible that it's not from an episode and it's just promo art of some kind. Hope this helps.

First post ever here!! Eee.

What would happen to Springfield if Mr.Burns got married? Would it change anything?
Some detail:
-Of course there would be a prenup.
-His spouse would probably also come from money. That might be a motive to marry this person.
-No children ever between them.
If Mr. Burns got married, then he would definitely no longer be evil, unless if his wife is evil. Also, I would think that he would be more happier then he is now.
If Mr. Burns got married, then he would definitely no longer be evil, unless if his wife is evil. Also, I would think that he would be more happier then he is now.

Oh she would have to be evil. A self-serving cruel heiress perhaps? I think she would need to be independent and not care that she probably wouldn’t see him as often as she should.
In the very first episode, right after Homer lost the bet, we see Barney driving a (fancy?) car with him and a woman with expensive (?) clothing. Barney was paid the same as Homer, so $13. How could he afford all that by betting the favorite dog to win the game? Or did I miss something?