A spin-off series starring extremely minor characters

Apr 24, 2008
Planet Earth
Think up a spin-off series of The Simpsons starring extremely minor characters. By "extremely minor", I'm not even talking one episode characters. I'm talking perhaps a scene or two characters. A good example would be the older Bort from "Itchy and Scratchy Land". :P Now, describe your series. What would the characters and their stories be like?
'Just stamp the ticket' guy could have lots of wacky adventures going to interesting stores and places to force people to stamp tickets.
Okay, so I watched The State of New York vs. Homer Simpson, and I noticed this guy:

I felt so attached to this character, as if... I was him...

So, I literally wrote a letter to FOX, and I hope they take it into consideration and create...

gil, lindsay naegel, the yes guy, cookie kwan, julio the gay hairdresser, and spiderpig get an apartment together

it's called "completely unwatchable"
Saddened by Charlie Sheen's lack of womanizing adventures now that he's left Two and a Half Men? Well no fears, folks, there's a new man ready to take the world - one virgin at a time.

"Do you come with the car?" guy stars in: CAR-nal Knowledge*

*Title created by Al Jean
The Simpsons get replaced. Comic Book Guy as Homer, Crazy Cat Lady as Marge, the Chinese Immigrant Dwarf (from Radioactive Man Episode) as Lisa, and Mr. Teeny as Maggie, and most importantly Barney Gumble as Bart Simpson The Underachiever with everyone's favorite Grandpa Simpson.

Grandpa Simpson walks into Bart's Room.
Grandpa Simpson - Hey? Is their something different about you Bart?
Barney Gumble/Bart - Cowa - BUURRRP! -bunga dude.
Grandpa Simpson - Why do you smell like beer and alcohol? Have you been underage drinking Bart!
Barney Gumble/Bart - You can't tell me what to do Grandpa Simpson. I'm ditching this joint. Come on Milhouse
Moe/Milhouse - Sure thing Barney... I mean Bart.
This thread is all gold. Best thread of the month.

I believe that if we make a show based on the life of this guy, then the ratings would go through the roof and it would win an award for it's writing skills.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is a father since he was at the Christmas pagent.
I guess we can also have his son be a character on the show.

Perhaps this kid could work out as his son:
A spin-off show about Rosco and his adventures in the Gay Steel Mill.


A show about Mr. Glasscock getting a new job in West Springfield Elementary, after the Springfield Elementary students mock him because of his name.
Weasel #1 and Weasel #2


They're the original odd couple

in the first episode it's revealed they're brothers being raised by burns' hired goons