2018 NHC Summer Music Showdown (SIGN UPS)

Smiling Politely

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Jan 27, 2013
Ontario, Canada
It's time for our 2018 Summer Music Showdown!

We're going to do 64 songs this time around. This should mean everyone will get 3, depending on how many people submit. PLEASE be sure to number your tracks in the order you prefer them in case we get more than 21 people and need to cut any. If I require fourth picks at all, I will ask for them; please do not give me a fourth until then. We're going to stick with the usual rules, with one small change (rule 5).


1. Up to THREE nominations per person. Rank your picks on the off chance we have to cut any so your preferred one gets to stay for sure. I will let you know if we need additional songs and it will be on a first come first serve basis. You can have less than three if you prefer.

2. The song must be available on Youtube (potential leeway on this if you can provide something that is linkable, legal, free to access and won't go down during the course of the contest).

3. Please PM me your nomination with a link to the song

4. I reserve the right to reject a song if I think it is too universally adored. We want personal choices and the contest is as much about hearing new music as opposed to determining the best. A good guide is the rule of only songs with no wikipedia page. Possible exceptions to this due to wikipedia's oddities. I will also reject any songs that have previously been used in the showdown, or could be used in our VGM showdown.

5. No songs from the top fifty of NHC's most recent top 100 albums list. This will help prevent anything too popular here at NHC from being part of the showdown.

6. Keep your nomination a secret, it makes it more fun at the end!

If you would like to sign up, please indicate in this thread. I will need your nominations by about noon eastern time on June 29 (Friday). Looking forward to hearing some new tunes!

Sign Up List:

1. [MENTION=49962]Smiling Politely[/MENTION]✓
2. [MENTION=20302]Shaunbadia[/MENTION] ✓
3. [MENTION=78359]2 Anxiety Online[/MENTION]✓
4. [MENTION=32807]Lebron's Hairline[/MENTION] ✓
5. [MENTION=49859]tormented[/MENTION]✓
6. [MENTION=38730]kaos[/MENTION]✓
7. [MENTION=73612]where's the lamb saaaauuuce[/MENTION] ✓
8. [MENTION=66897]Mr. Teenie[/MENTION]✓
9. [MENTION=13089]Tinselled Jim[/MENTION]✓
10. [MENTION=56353]deadname[/MENTION]✓
11. [MENTION=69013]bias[/MENTION]✓
12. [MENTION=46658]zach[/MENTION]✓
13. [MENTION=46458]The Thompsons[/MENTION]✓
14. [MENTION=14077]box elder[/MENTION]
15. [MENTION=62459]peyrin[/MENTION]
16. [MENTION=47429]Frightened Inmate No. 2[/MENTION]
Anyone still hoping to enter has another day.

Still need picks from: [MENTION=49859]tormented[/MENTION] [MENTION=56353]deadname[/MENTION] [MENTION=69013]bias[/MENTION] [MENTION=46658]zach[/MENTION] [MENTION=14077]box elder[/MENTION]
Sorry I forgot to send on Wednesday and I’ve been working 12 hour shifts the last few days which makes it harder (especially since nhc is blocked at my work and it’s tough to do pms with links on mobile). Will definitely send something this afternoon tho
Gonna give it a little longer for the last few people to submit before I start getting extra tracks. [MENTION=62459]peyrin[/MENTION] [MENTION=14077]box elder[/MENTION] [MENTION=47429]Frightened Inmate No. 2[/MENTION]
Actually, I changed my mind. No more entrants. EVERYONE GETS FOUR TRACKS. GO GO GO

1. [MENTION=49962]Smiling Politely[/MENTION]
2. [MENTION=20302]Shaunbadia[/MENTION]
3. [MENTION=78359]2 Anxiety Online[/MENTION]
4. [MENTION=32807]Lebron's Hairline[/MENTION]
5. [MENTION=49859]tormented[/MENTION]
6. [MENTION=38730]kaos[/MENTION]
7. [MENTION=73612]where's the lamb saaaauuuce [/MENTION]
8. [MENTION=66897]Mr. Teenie[/MENTION]
9. [MENTION=13089]Tinselled Jim[/MENTION]
10. [MENTION=56353]deadname[/MENTION]
11. [MENTION=69013]bias[/MENTION]
12. [MENTION=46658]zach[/MENTION]
13. [MENTION=46458]The Thompsons[/MENTION]
14. [MENTION=14077]box elder[/MENTION]
15. [MENTION=62459]peyrin[/MENTION]
16. [MENTION=47429]Frightened Inmate No. 2[/MENTION]
I still need a fourth pick from [MENTION=46458]The Thompsons[/MENTION] and all four picks each from [MENTION=47429]Frightened Inmate No. 2[/MENTION] and [MENTION=62459]peyrin[/MENTION]