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  1. Blake

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    Good to see a few have at least migrated over though I was admittedly expecting there to be more B&R peeps.
  2. Blake

    Is the world getting better or worse?

    considering we officially have a time limit on how long we have to fix things before this planet is fucked...uhhh i'd say things haven't been improving
  3. Blake

    2019 Animation Emmy Nominations

    I can never comprehend the solid reviews that Big Mouth gets from critics. I keep an open mind when it comes to animation but I feel they manufactured that show to be one of the ugliest things ever made
  4. Blake

    Worst classic era episode

    I don't think there'll be much of a discussion to be had if the range includes seasons 9 and 10. You could practically include half of season 10 as a classifier for the worst of the classic era. Otherwise, i'd go with any of the clip shows or a few eps from season 1.
  5. Blake

    Better Call Saul

    Late to the discussion too. Only recently got the season 4 blu ray and binged all of this a month ago. Probably could have waited another month or two when it comes to Netflix, but I'm an impatient man when it comes to watching Saul and I love the commentaries. Werner's plot bummed the hell...
  6. Blake

    King Of The Hill

    I'm gonna give this thread a long-overdue bump since this glorious show has recently come to Hulu nearly 5 years after it was taken off Netflix. I owned seasons 1-7 on DVD so I could always watch it here and there but it's exciting to be able to re-visit some of the episodes that came after and...
  7. Blake

    What's the last TV show you watched?

    good chunk of Malcolm in the Middle season 2 on Hulu.
  8. Blake

    US Politics (Office of the Former President Appreciation Thread)

    Beto was always a longshot but he gave the booger eater a hell of a run for his money and the results coming in that close bodes well for the potential future of TX. The fact he's got visible fanfare from outside of my state shows the guy's name is now out there and I'm hoping this won't be the...
  9. Blake

    "Bless the Harts" discussion

    I feel like in the past few years Fox has ordered several animated series with prominent people behind it that will never actually see the light of day.
  10. Blake

    I hate America

    hell yeah I can get behind this
  11. Blake

    Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: The Official Thread of the Movie

    well if this movie was worth anything at least I've heard Elastigirl say "you can't piss in a jar and call it Granny's peach tea"
  12. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    at this point Real Thoughts is the only thing coming from Doug that's really captivating and enjoyable to watch though comedy wise he's fallen pretty far from the days of old
  13. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    -Red Letter media has already made several of these points in analyzing Sandler's films in previous years only they had the advantage of being funny while doing so -Elephant in the Room has always been one of those gags in the "unfunny weirdly animated Doug has no vocal range" group and i was...
  14. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    and we're in officially in "Doug really loved something so now he's going to push it all over the place and reference it and make a groan-worthy sketch about it" phase of the reviews. I loved Inside Out but immediately felt my eyes rolling into the back of my head as soon as the mind...
  15. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    (sees review headline for 2005 F4 film) "this'll be good!" (opens with overdrawn unfunny skit) "fuck"
  16. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    also am I the only one who got kind of annoyed with Doug playing characters/actors from the film in sketches? Like the terrence stamp thing was drawn out as hell and reeked of every bit of the "funnier than he actually thinks it is" shtick he's been leaning towards since the reboot, but I dunno...
  17. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    holy fuck the Gargoyles skit was cringe-worthy.
  18. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    Rob's a good guy and all but his presence in vlogs always seems to do more harm than good. I enjoy seeing them bounce off each other in Sibling Rivalry but in vlogs for this show he just seems to derail the conversation or entire point of the episode every time. These are like 15 minute running...
  19. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    Doug: (starting to go towards a direction that actually talks about the episode) Rob: (weird voice) TWINCEST! Doug: TWINCEST (jokes about twincest for two minutes)
  20. Blake

    The Nostalgia Critic

    I was watching the vlog for The Golf War episode of GF and jesus why does he keep comparing it with Adventure Time? is it because that's the only other net he has in the small pool of modern animated shows he's currently been told to watch and literally has nothing else to compare it to? I'm...