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    why is the simpsons so intensely honkified

    i'm bemused that for all of its surgical satirical darts in its prime, the simpsons never turned it's knife onto race issues. perhaps this is a function of being written exclusively by rich cracker harvard graduates. of course i haven't watched the show in several seasons so maybe this issue...
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    Bush Turns Down Simpsons

    um, are we still taking seriously tabloids that put important WORDS in caps so their half-literate readership won't miss any retarded newsbytes
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    R/R American Dad "Homeland Insecurity" (106)

    show sounds like a real winner
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    Los Simpson Replaces Voices

    donde esta justice?
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    80s' synth music on The Simpsons

    wow, you really are french is your hair fashionably disheveled?
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    How has The Simpsons influenced your life?

    keep going champ, you're almost there
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    7 years ago this week, the classic era ended.

    haha season nine. shutup
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    Rate and/or review American Dad "Francine's Flashback"

    four out of five shitpies
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    Why is season 11 crap

    mainly because it came out of a rectum
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    'Ask Al II' ?

    perhaps you should record a jingle to this effect
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    Micheal Jackson = Simpsons' success?

    "poking funk at michael jackson" is a rare example of a typo being far more accurate than what was intended
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    Rate & Review: "Goo Goo Gai Pan" (GABF06)

    opinions are fantastic and great hey they're real super but they're not for shit if your critique isn't rational informed and credible-- and that's what hydro, jafar, dtb et al are truly disstoked about. no matter how many times noonefamous or whoever rehashes his tirade in these threads about...
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    Hey Mike Scully, remember when I PMed you?

    congratulations to mike scully and keep turning out the hits
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    Rate & Review: "Goo Goo Gai Pan" (GABF06)

    boy, i hope somebody got fired for that blunder
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    Is Bart gay?

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    Title Parodies - the real deal.

    korn's spelling is in fact a reference to "charly," the film based on flowers for algernon, because, you see, they both share subject matter of mental retardation but you didn't really think that, did you. if you did, gross
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    Rate/Review: On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister (GABF05)

    wow dudes, it seems that bookending a glib sarcastic statement with "omg" and "lolzers" automatically lends your argument weight and credibility. i mean, who knew?
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    Rate/Review: On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister (GABF05)

    first, that wasn't mohammed jafar. second, bart and lisa have a character dynamic that can be, and has been since the show's beginning, revisited for new plots. y'know, like lisa getting a restraining order against bart. the problem here wasn't lack of potential due to an uncreative premise...
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    Rate/Review: On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister (GABF05)

    agree with jafar/mike scully. some of the same problems in the bart and lisa story as b vs. l vs. third grade, although it doesn't go nearly so wide of the mark as that episode. sketchy story that doesn't go nowheres in particulars, hit and miss humor, and a pretty useless homer subplot. had...
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    Kill The Alligator And Analyze

    good job champ