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  1. Simpson Purist

    EA's The Simpsons Game! In Stores Now! Reviews & Opinions

    Most of the demo reactions I read on the GameFAQs boards indicate that while the look and feel of the show is dead-on accurate, the camera and targeting system is problematic. Then again, it's only a demo, and it's GameFAQs, where pretty much anything and everything will be complained about.
  2. Simpson Purist

    Simpsons Movie DVD News

    DAMMIT! The R2 cover art kicks R1's ass, I'm sorry to say.
  3. Simpson Purist

    Season 10 commentary highlights

    Scully may have been talking about his role during the 5th season, which was basically non-existent (even though he was credited as a producer). He didn't truly come into play until the 6th season.
  4. Simpson Purist

    Hugh Jass Tribute

    Heh, nice tribute. Definitely one of the greatest Bart prank calls.
  5. Simpson Purist

    Favorite 'celebrity packed' episode

    Homer at the Bat, I just love seeing all of the baseball players get their just desserts, it's hilarious. Krusty Gets Kancelled is an extremely close second though.
  6. Simpson Purist

    Season 10 commentary highlights

    The one on Mayored To The Mob is great, it's got Mark Hamill!
  7. Simpson Purist

    favorite video game in the simpsons

    That Game Boy-ish game that Maggie was playing during the movie. Forgot the title, but I remember laughing my ass off when she played it.
  8. Simpson Purist

    family Guy in simpsons hands

    Well considering how very hit-and-miss "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" was, I can't say I'm clamoring for a big screen version of FG.
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    Should Simpsons attack FG?

    The Simpsons will attack FG again in the upcoming THOH episode. To be honest, I'm tired of the shows bashing each other. Both of them should just stick to doing what they do best. Besides, South Park kind-of buried the whole bash-FG trend with the fantastic Cartoon Wars 2-parter. Oh, and...
  10. Simpson Purist

    Episodes that you hated at first, but now like?

    I initially didn't like King Size Homer, mostly because the plot of the episode seemed like an easy idea. But now, it's one of my all-time favorite episodes because the "easy" plot is executed to perfection. I just love how whimsical Homer is in this episode.
  11. Simpson Purist

    R & R: Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk

    5/5 It's a classic allright.
  12. Simpson Purist

    Matt Groening/James L. Brooks/Sam Simon episodes elimination

    The War of the Simpsons The Crepes of Wrath Moaning Lisa
  13. Simpson Purist

    Favorite Drunk/Acid Trip Scene

    Marge - "Ooooh, the walls are moving again." (chuckles) So brief, yet it completely shows why Shelbyville is evil.
  14. Simpson Purist

    How would you "fix" the movie

    Cut out or re-edit most of the Homer-in-pain gags. The wrecking ball scene in particular, they should've followed Pixar's lead and kept that scene trailer-exclusive. The best example is The Incredibles teaser that showed Mr. Incredible trying to put on his belt, while it wasn't in the movie...
  15. Simpson Purist

    Matt Selman: worst writer fo rthe simpsons, EVER

    Matt Selman is easily the best writer of the post-classic era. Runner-up would be Ian Maxtone-Graham, but he's written some certified stinkers here and there.
  16. Simpson Purist

    Bart of Darkness fans - Who has seen Rear Window?

    Rear Window is a masterpiece, and of course I saw it prior to seeing Bart of Darkness. The parody of it is masterful, aside from one thing, the music. There was hardly any music in the movie aside from diegetic sound coming from the radio or piano. Whereas in Bart of Darkness, there were a...
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    The Simpsons Neilsen Ratings Thread

    Ratings seem to have stabilized a bit, with some slight increases in the past few weeks. Though I was kinda expecting the premiere numbers to be bigger because of the movie (and football) fallout.
  18. Simpson Purist

    Most widely-liked characters

    Don't go near the GameFAQs or IMDB boards, there's plenty of "OMG KILL LISA" and "LISA IS SOOOOO ANNOYINGG" threads about. Homer and Bart seem to be the most loved among family members. As supporting characters go, Burns, Comic Book Guy, and Krusty are good candidates.
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    Rate and Review: Bart Star

    3.75/5 ----> 4/5 The episode is decent and it has some great gags (Homer calling Mr. Burns, the health fair, and Homer bashing Flanders as a coach). Still, I can't help but feel that the episode is a little flat. The Homer and Bart relationship stuff lacks the punch of earlier episodes...
  20. Simpson Purist

    What if the characters aged...?

    I have mixed signals when it comes to the question of the Simpsons aging. On one hand, I'd like to see the characters grow up a tad. They aged Homer and Marge a few years throughout the seasons, I don't see what's wrong with aging the kids one year or even two. On the other hand, the ages...