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  1. Jims

    Oh okay, that makes more sense. My post on ResetEra was so random and on a whim, I was starting...

    Oh okay, that makes more sense. My post on ResetEra was so random and on a whim, I was starting to wonder if someone on here was watching my activities, lol. If I ever want to randomly scratch that review-writing itch again, I can post it in both places.
  2. Jims

    Where did you hear that? I posted one review of the most recent Treehouse of Horror episode but...

    Where did you hear that? I posted one review of the most recent Treehouse of Horror episode but that was the only one. I don't have as much time to write reviews on new episodes because of time and energy devoted to the YouTube channel.
  3. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    Thanks Brad Lascelle for posting the vids. And thanks again for consulting on the research, I hope you like how the project turned out, and don't object to too many of my calls. :p The project would have been done earlier but there were a lot of problems with the video render. Some of the...
  4. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    Newest Pixar video is out. Only one to go. This went through a lot of Development Hell, so please pardon how all over the place it goes. This review goes to some weird places. (Also the last video is delayed after Halloween due to how much I had trouble with writing this thing.) I kind of...
  5. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    I had done a lot of unexpected traveling in September (literally 3 weekends in a row), so I put together a Simpsons episode in the middle of it while I start up Pixar. Couldn't go a whole month without a video. I decided to review The Scorpion's Tale, just because I feel like it is a really...
  6. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    Thanks WeirdGirl! I had a little trouble writing the review, but I like how it turned out after watching it back. I heard in the comments a lot of the YouTube reviewers gave it a pretty negative overall impression, so I'm glad my take was at least somewhat different, at least on YouTube. I...
  7. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    Time to catch up on this thread. Ended up putting this Extra Seconds together on Summer of 4 Ft 2 shortly before heading out on vacation. And by "shortly", I mean, "I was finishing it the night before and uploaded 2 hours before leaving". Then followed up with a Simpsons Histories about Fat...
  8. Jims

    Rodd & Todd

    I feel like they missed out on a potentially interesting arc when Marcia Wallace passed away. It was interesting seeing the new parent/child pairing of Edna as stepmother to them. They obviously had that one episode, but there was potential to do more new stuff with Rod and Todd. They seem...
  9. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    The channel randomly started growing quickly again (I think the Simpsons Histories videos are getting put in recommendation boxes), and am about to pass 30,000 subscribers. I'm about to go on vacation soon, so I'm not sure what I can whip up in time. I'd like to do an Extra Seconds on Summer...
  10. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    A couple updates: I recently was a guest again on the Two Bad Neighbors podcast for their Season 6 finale, covering Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 & 2. Because it was a double-header, the podcast was longer than usual, a little over 2 hours. But we had a fun time with it! The Skype audio was...
  11. Jims

    60 Second Simpsons

    I haven't necessarily left the forum, but I did want to take a hiatus after stepping down from my post. Sorry for leaving this thread dormant for so long, and a big thanks to hutz for updating the OP while I was gone. He was amazingly thorough in adding everything, I was totally expecting to...
  12. Jims

    The Problem with Apu - truTV Documentary

    Wow, that clip was even worse than I expected. You would think that they would have given it a lot of careful thought as professional writers, and come up with some kind of nuanced or thoughtful response. This is a heavy topic that had fostered a lot of discussion. Maybe they would think of...
  13. Jims

    The end of a tyrant (my cat, 1998(?)-April 6th, 2018

    Sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is heart-breaking. It sounds like you gave Tyrant a long, good life.
  14. Jims

    If Maggie hadn't have shot Mr Burns? Also, who did you think it was initially?

    Thanks, was about to edit the post as I had saw your comment about Marge. Here are the intro and the Marge solution for your reference. It requires a little bit of toying with the timing and Burns' motivations to get the theory to work.
  15. Jims

    If Maggie hadn't have shot Mr Burns? Also, who did you think it was initially?

    Financial Panther kinda hit on my conspiracy theory videos already, but I think Marge or Grampa are the most interesting shooters from a characterization perspective. I think Marge shooting Mr. Burns is a good story because of her repressed personality... Someone like Homer shooting Burns isn't...
  16. Jims

    The Rivalry & Friendship of Bart and Nelson

    Nelson was a big beneficiary of the fact that Richard and Lewis never became a thing, and that Martin got phased out a bit. I'm guessing the writers thought it would be more interesting and dynamic to have a strong personality like Nelson to hang out with Bart. I don't really mind it from an...
  17. Jims

    The Simpsons Sing the Blues Album

    I would personally stop short of calling the album really good, but I definitely have a soft spot for it. I've never been as big on Do the Bartman either... It has some nice moments but the verses haven't aged that well. Deep Deep Trouble is super cheesy but a nice little time capsule on Fresh...
  18. Jims

    Talking Simpsons podcast

    I was kinda bracing myself when it came up, because he came off pretty grumpy about superfans in the past (I think in that anniversary documentary?). But he made a good point about it not being a great idea to let viewers get in their heads too much when making writing decisions. I would...
  19. Jims

    Would you rather have Homer or Flanders as a neighbor?

    Living next door to Homer would be terrible. I would be neighbors with Moe before Homer.