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    ignore list

    That's unfortunate timing
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    ignore list

    At least mention me if you are going to be a rude lad
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    old man

    old man
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    Happy birthday, Stupid Id- tormented!

    Have a good one, Tracy!
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    what members would you like to meet in real life?

    Last three posters would be solid meet ups. Add moosey, kupo minus her brother, samuel, ryan, and hutz
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    The knight we needed, but didn't deserve.
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    Wraith and Re-Boo South Park: “The Scoots”

    Was actually a decent Halloween special. The scooters were a bit dumb but I liked Kenny's plot.
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    Where in the world are NHC members? (Try No. 3)

    Paying for more views on a map? That ain't communism
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    R&R South Park: “Tegridy Farms”

    Premise sounded idiotic but in South Park that can sometimes work out. It did here. Both plots had their moments, and Towelie was a treat in this episode.
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    Let's Review South Park Season 22 - Episode 3 - "The Problem With a Poo"

    An entire episode based on the pay off at the end. It would have been funny if South Park themselves weren't guilty of similar circumstances. Otherwise I guess I chuckled at the poo jokes. Not sure why, probably due to the delivery on them. PC Principal subplot was dull. Same jokes ad nauseam...
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    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    Latest episode is about Mr. Hankey "A Problem with a Poo" On one hand, a Mr. Hankey episode is fresh and I am excited for that. Buuuuut then there's the title and subject matter...I am however intrigued to see how they take this.
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    Rate and Review South Park: "Dead Kids" (SEASON 22 PREMIERE)

    Few funny moments but typical season opener fare. Basically had three jokes on repeat for 24 mins. 2/5.
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    south park general discussion/upcoming episode thread

    Cartman and Randy -yawn-
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    The official NHC Roast 3

    Well, uh, that was something.
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    Top 5 salad dressings

    Ranch Honey Dijon Southwest Caesar Italian
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    FIFA World Cup Thread (Russia 2018)

    Brazil had a very strong qualifying under Tite - it has to be their year imo. Spain seem to be somewhat under the radar oddly enough. Good squad overall. The Germans you simply cannot count them out. France might make it deep but Deschamps is a loser and a bottler. Portugal won't be able to...
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    Rate & Review: "Flanders' Ladder" (XABF14)

    Actually caught the first two acts of this episode. First act was riddled with jokes about how modern the family is with them being nostalgic over VHS and trying to find a way to obtain Internet. Then Homer behaves like an animal again which contributes to Bart ending up in a coma. Nicely done...
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    How should The Simpsons have handled the Apu controversy?

    That's an amazingly narrow view of the situation. It's dismissive and lacks evidence that it is a small issue created by one or two people. Speak up with facts next time.
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    The Nostalgia Critic

    This development and potential fallout for the Walkers and Michaud is at least entertaining. What can you say about them? They've bricked it, and since Doug doesn't own the NC IP (which I have no idea how Michaud managed to get a hold of that. Perhaps when it rebooted?) he'll be forced to do...
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    Rugrats Discussion Thread

    Ok the show has some jokes only adults get - doesn't mean it isn't a show for toddlers/children. This reasoning comes up all the time from 20 year old manbabies about kids shows it's boring.