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  1. Gatorgod

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    I don't have the time to search for everything I like. I've cast many messages in a bottle into the NHC ocean the past, & even recently I get great returns, sometimes you get flamed.. I well known what it's like here at times.. And it's well worth the risk to get those great, meaty,well...
  2. Gatorgod

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    Oh? .. I was hoping for a Meal.. but all I gets is a Snack.. Thats how the ball bounces sometimes..
  3. Gatorgod

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    Thats sad, two of my fav profs passed away recently.. They were fun hard asses ..and had an on going intellectual feud over hows course of study was "superior".. Everybody has to die someday, but I had always romantically dreamed of these two going out by battling each other on the rolling deck...
  4. Gatorgod

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    I'm still feeling a sympathy pain for Mr Ford.. I though a plane crash concusion was the last of his ouchies? Not good at that deep search stuff. too much work.. was kinda hoping for a recap from someones with a cool opinion on the sub.. thats why i only get 95% of my star wars news outta this...
  5. Gatorgod

    STAR WARS (untagged spoilers, yo)

    I only now just read up about Harrison Ford breaking his leg & other injuries in the early filming process of Force Awakens?.. Wow! thats rough.. The older you get the longer it takes for broken bones to mend.. and him being 70+? I wonder how production schedules worked around this injury?
  6. Gatorgod

    Countries you visited

    Usa Canada Mexico Korea (south/north).. (in all honesty, the North was done by crawling a half mile underneath the surface thru the 3rd Tunnel tour at the DMZ) Ireland Greece France Italy China (+Hong Kong) Spain Iceland Egypt Israel U.K (North & South) Japan Czech Republic Poland (Warsaw)...
  7. Gatorgod

    Predict how the person above you will die.

    Killed by "Me-Me" ...teehee .. *me me!!*
  8. Gatorgod

    R&R - Bob's Burgers - "Flu-ouise"

    Love Louise heavy episodes and loved the epic dream adventure. The toys taking on her family's voices was the best. 5/5 I really wish Funko or someone would make an "official" Kuchi Kopi vinyl collectable..
  9. Gatorgod

    Pick Your Poison

    less cringeinducing Die like John Belushi - or - Mama Cass?
  10. Gatorgod

    Pick Your Poison

    A Ghost .. A Zombie is just your discarded human husk being controlled by a virus.. the Real you is long gone.. imo ghost (supposedly) still carry the regretful memories of their past lives.. somewhat more self aware. Q: Smashing your guitar after a hot performance -or- Accidentally hitting...
  11. Gatorgod

    Happy birthday, box elder!

    :birthdaygator: .. Oppy errf dee 2 ewe!
  12. Gatorgod

    Emoji Movie

    It'll prob be good. I liked angry birds. so this will entertain me. I was looking forward to the "Tetris Movie".. until I discovered its gonna be a dopey Sci-fi epic?? The Real story of Who Where and How Tetris came into being is quite interesting! full of Cold War era skullduggery, High level...
  13. Gatorgod

    Give The Above Poster A New Username

  14. Gatorgod

    Predict how the person above you will die.

    Twitterpated! ..killed by 1942 quote
  15. Gatorgod

    Give The Above Poster A New Username

    Neewollah Yppah!
  16. Gatorgod

    Make up a secret for the above user.

    Voted Best value in America! 7 yrs in a row!
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    Predict how the person above you will die.

    Found out what the Fox says
  18. Gatorgod

    Rate & Review: The Town (VABF17)

    Great travel episode.. Love Boston.. go their often, Love the Simpsons, watch them often.. Great to watch an episode that reflected a bit of the October feel in the air. family wearing coats, Fall colored leafs in the trees. Was hoping to see Moe squatting in their Springfield home when they...
  19. Gatorgod

    Happy birthday, Christopher!

    :birthdaygator: .. Sorry I'm late with the Gator B-day cake with music notes floating over it..