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  1. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Characters who should interact/interact more

    This thought has occured to me for a while but I've never been able to find out. I saw this thread and decided to log back in after so many years just to ask it. Have Otto and Willie ever interacted? They both work at the school but I can't recall any interactions between the two of them. I'm...
  2. Comicshow MolemanBob

    put together your own 10 to 15 song best of bowie album

    I decided to just limit my choices to songs that aren't already on his 'Best of Bowie' CD as it was so hard to come up with just 15. 01. Five Years 02. Beauty and the Beast 03. Fantastic Voyage 04. Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise) - (cheating? ... eh, probably) 05. Moonage...
  3. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Regular Show

    I'm really going to miss dropping in on this show and watching new episodes. I still remember seeing the 7 minute short (later turned into 'First Day') way back in 2009 when there was the first mention of it being turned into a full series. I think it's the perfect example of a 'hang out' show...
  4. Comicshow MolemanBob

    RIP Ron Glass

    Book was my favourite Firefly character. Ron always seemed like a really nice guy in any behind the scenes videos and interviews I saw of him. R.I.P.
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    Most underrated jokes

    Marge: President Bush is driving on our lawn. He must be lost.
  6. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Episodes with only minor appearances from the Simpsons family

    I'd be interested to know which episodes feature the most minor apperances from Homer. I recall that in The PTA Disbands he doesn't feature a huge amount, but I'm probably (definitely) forgetting some other examples in which he appears even less.
  7. Comicshow MolemanBob

    'Improving' Albums

    I really enjoy The King of Limbs by Radiohead, but it's definitely one of their weaker efforts if only because it's so short. I have added 'The Daily Mail', 'Staircase', 'The Butcher', and 'Supercollider' (the first two perhaps being the best two songs from that entire period) to the album and...
  8. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Episodes with only minor appearances from the Simpsons family

    Inspired by a chain of comments in the most recent episode thread, which episodes have the smallest role for any main member of the family? I know Bart is absent from 'Four Great Women and a Manicure', and Marge only has a non-speaking cameo in 'Krusty Gets Cancelled' - but what other episodes...
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    The Pokémon Thread

    Can someone please explain what the hell this game is about? I'm not well versed in the Pokémon universe and I've seen a lot of stuff on social media about this new game.
  10. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Peep Show

    Peep Show is also my favourite thing. The funniest show (not currently) on TV.
  11. Comicshow MolemanBob

    iconic album club

    This sounds like fun. I'm definitely in. Thanks for linking that blog, steamed_hamms. It's made for a really interesting read so far.
  12. Comicshow MolemanBob

    What are your favorite non-American TV shows

    Peep Show is possibly the funniest sitcom of all time.
  13. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Doctor Who Discussion Thread

    My Top 10 1. Midnight 2. Human Nature / The Family of Blood 3. The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit 4. Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead 5. Dalek 6. Blink 7. Father's Day 8. Utopia 9. Gridlock 10. The Girl in the Fireplace Bottom 10 1. Daleks in Manhatten / Evolution of the Daleks 2...
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    Which characters you missed watching The Simpsons Movie?

    I think I brought this up in the movie discussion thread, but I don't think Skinner has any lines at all in the movie. Am I remembering this correctly?
  15. Comicshow MolemanBob

    RIP David Bowie 1947-2016

    I don't even know what to say. Brilliant, innovative, witty, genius. Bowie is, and always will be, my absolute favourite solo artist. The reaction of which his passing has prompted shows just how much of an impact he has had on so many people's lives. He will never be forgotten. Ever. Now if...
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    An announcement

    I know hardly anything about the people behind the usernames, I've never seen this so-called 'rage comic', and, to be quite honest, I never really pay much attention to who is a moderator, administrator, etc. I do have to say that I am a little upset that you have tormented yourself/been...
  17. Comicshow MolemanBob

    Hurt and Heal: Episodes Written by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein.

    Terror at 5 1/2 Feet (THOH IV) [10] $pringfield [11] Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy [6] Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song [10] Sideshow Bob Roberts [9] Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy [12] Bart vs. Australia [11] -2 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) [19] +1 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two) [10]