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  1. Wile E. the Brain

    your top 5 NHC Members

    I shouldn't care, but in a way, I don't think the idea of being classified as an "honourable mention" makes me comfortable, ahaha. (All jokes aside, - Eeyore voice - thanks for noticin' me.)
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    DCAU Discussion Thread

    Ah yes, the "Harlequinade" episode if it was lame and with fart and sex jokes.
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    The Looney Tunes Thread

    The only way I'd trust a tweet like that is if we're eventually gonna have a proof of what it's stating instead of some "trust me bro" message fully aware of how desperate people who wanted to see the movie can be. But if it is true, leak the damn thing. The crew isn't going to get a single...
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    Spongebob SquarePants

    I saw 'Tango Tangle' was pretty popular online so I watched it to see what the fuss was all about and yeah, it's a very fun one. I always appreciate when the writers make Plankton and Karen go beyond their Honeymooners schtick and show them as a sort of mad couple, but oddly fond of each other...
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    The Looney Tunes Thread

    "mostly related to the animated film division" Of fucking course. So much for "the only pure storytelling company in the movie industry", huh. Well just imagine how many stories we most likely never heard of are part of this write-down genocide. I guess it's a safe bet that CvA was part of it...
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    The Casagrandes

    Looks pretty good ! I like the color scheme especially. I look forward to seeing it in motion.
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    WGA Awards 2024 - Animation

    You know, I have a strong feeling a Groening show is gonna win the category this year. Just an intuition I guess.
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    The Looney Tunes Thread

    Even worse, he thinks nothing of art in general. Reportedly, the Warner bosses are not pumped by Bong Joon-oh's next film, which they moved to next January. "Less pumped" by a film from the fucking Oscar-winning director of international success Parasite. They're just out of their minds and...
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    Streaming Discussion

    I hate the verb "to merge" and the word "merger" now. The idea that we're getting closer and closer to a complete monopoly for American entertainment absolutely frightens me. Especially when some of those CEOs if not all do not care a bit about art and the movies they're releasing (or you know...
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    Analysis space: the co-runners

    I'd keep Kelley as well because his outings are still above average and even if not without flaws, he's got a decent record with some of the "newbies" like Jessica Conrad and Cesar Mazariegos, I'd be genuinely curious to see the outcome of him helming efforts from an eventual new guard. And he...
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    Rate & Review: "Frinkenstein's Monster" (35ABF03)

    I'm really confused about what I'm supposed to take out of this character, honestly. The way she's directed makes her look like a straight up villain, which is something I'd expect more from a Scully episode than a Jean one especially when the episode doesn't need one to begin with, but she has...
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    Rate & Review: "Frinkenstein's Monster" (35ABF03)

    Probably Pamela Hayden, she sounds an awful lot like Milhouse.
  13. Wile E. the Brain

    Rate & Review: "Frinkenstein's Monster" (35ABF03)

    Jean says this is a "15 exclamation marks" kind of episode, I say this is a "five question marks" kind of episode. This is the most basic Nickelodeon-like plot done badly (I can't believe they actually went as far as using a situation with Homer repeating what an actual parrot says to him...
  14. Wile E. the Brain

    "Welcome to the world of tomorrow !" aka I rate and review Futurama

    YO LEELA LEELA Season 6, episode 21 Wri. Eric Horsted, Dir. Frank Marino Tom Kenny is in the cast but he couldn't provide the voice for the SpongeBot toy, missed opportunity for comedy gold. Am I becoming a Leela apologist, or did the previous episode make my view on that one this much...
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    "Welcome to the world of tomorrow !" aka I rate and review Futurama

    I understand. Although I like to believe it was the guys' dumb plan to redo the exterior of the ship so it looks like an actual airplane even if it's unnecessary. If it is, that's actually a subtle jab at their behavior and the rest of the opening really could've used more like this. Also I just...
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    The Looney Tunes Thread

    Eric Bauza is a national treasure. Protect him at all costs.
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    Reviewing every episode of American Dad!

    All things considered, the fact they were able to pull out an episode that is top 10 material in season 17 is not bad at all. I'm of those who love 'Stan's Best Friend'. It's so cruel, but the good kind of cruel. The first shot with the Frankenstein-ed Kisses is disturbing, but then Steve's...
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    The Loud House

    I never minded 'Stinkoln' either. I always felt that Lynn is the sister who is the closest to Lincoln among all of them, and being the only one she teases with such a nickname, I kinda see that as her own way to show him some appreciation (even if she does use it in more negative contexts...