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  1. sandurt

    Reviewing every episode of American Dad!

    i commend you for having this much dedication to a writing project, gonna read this thread after i give the show a rewatch which i was feeling soon.
  2. sandurt

    Looking for a Simpsons podcast.

    worst episode ever is probably the only i like. though you might find them too negative as they just talk about the worst of the worst episodes
  3. sandurt

    NHC Top 100 episode submissions 2022

    50. homer the great 49. lisa on ice 48. i married marge 47. a tale of two springfields 46. homer loves flanders 45. bart sells his soul 44. homer the vigilante 43. king size homer 42. saturdays of thunder 41. sweet seymour skinner's baadasssss song 40. bart's comet 39. bart the general 38. like...
  4. sandurt

    What's better than sex/making love?

    talking to someone that has a shared passion with you...
  5. sandurt

    Happy birthday sandurt!

  6. sandurt

    Anti-Simpsons Family Guy fans

    agree to disagree
  7. sandurt

    Anti-Simpsons Family Guy fans

    don't quote me on posts that were made months ago please, unless you have something interesting to say
  8. sandurt

    Matt Selman: The worst Simpsons showrunner ever!

    unspeakably based, and i agree
  9. sandurt

    Knock Knock Jokes of the Day

    Who's there?
  10. sandurt

    your expirience after your first surgery?

    neither was the anesthesia had to give me a stronger 1
  11. sandurt

    your expirience after your first surgery?

    this tylenol ain't shit.
  12. sandurt

    your expirience after your first surgery?

    just got finished with my first surgery, and i was feeling a lot better. i teared my tendon near the thighs/knees and i have never felt such pain. it isn't 100% healed as it takes weeks for it to completely heal, but it doesn't hurt as much.
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    NHC Discord

    ill join 1 day
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    NHC Discord