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  1. Robotics

    God Jul, NHC!

    I don't really post here anymore but it's a new years and this forum/discussing Simpsons has been unbelievably influential to how I've been able to carve out my own path and career so far. Shoutout to everyone that I've talked to and interacted with!
  2. Robotics

    The doodle thread

    Spider-verse Peter B Parker / Ham: Peni Parker:
  3. Robotics

    The doodle thread

    I missed this thread. Throw back to when my drawings were worse lol. Where the art people at nowadays?
  4. Robotics

    Modern Simpsons Hate

    Man I really I miss that D'ohmer
  5. Robotics

    NBA Thread (fuck the Warriors)

    Regular season starting super soon. Loving our Raptors bench lineup this year. -I love Derozan but I think Kawhi will be back in rhythm and delivering better plays for us. His shot feels a bit off but I think once regular season kicks in, he'll warm up to it. -Danny Green looking solid...
  6. Robotics

    As the winter is kicking in, which Christmas/Winter episode do you like the best?

    Holidays of Future Passed. I might've picked other choices but I'm not really that much into Christmas festivities. Instead, I think watching people grow up is more sentimental. The photo album montage tugs on some heart strings.
  7. Robotics

    Some questions for you to answer as a Simpsons fan?

    1. Can you remember the first ever episode you saw? Nope. I was pretty young at the time and I just absorbed some pretty shallow stuff probably. 2. Since you was first a fan of the show, did you ever go off it for a while only to return to it? (did any other shows become a temporary...
  8. Robotics

    Art Thread

    An original painting. Constanze, from Little Witch Academia: Original work: Penguin: MiA: Keyframe Concept Art: Keyframes packaged together for presentation purposes: Cozy themed:
  9. Robotics

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    I mean I haven't watched an episode in 3 years so that's pretty close.
  10. Robotics

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    grew out of the show
  11. Robotics

    Things wrong with this forum

    trust me this forum will see a surge of activity once the Simpsons sequel comes out.
  12. Robotics

    The Lounge: Now As Active As The UK Lounge

    damn i used to write simpsons essays here
  13. Robotics

    What're You Listening to?

    Fort Minor never gets old.
  14. Robotics

    What's the last TV show you watched?

    I finished Brooklyn Nine Nine 2 weeks ago. Currently watching The Man in the High Castle.
  15. Robotics

    what do you look like?

    sick shades dude.
  16. Robotics

    NBA Thread (fuck the Warriors)

  17. Robotics

    Art Thread

    Naive me in 2016: Lol. Definitely haven't been doing that due to full-time work. But hey, I'm really beginning to take drawing and design seriously now! Aight, here's my airdrop. Some worldbuilding pen sketches: Character personality doodles for some story I'm working on: and behold...
  18. Robotics

    Art Thread

    This thread brings back memories. January 2018 spitpaints: Bonus Little Witch Academia doodles because I just finished the show last week.
  19. Robotics

    Season 29 Information Thread

    Holy shit, this show is on its 29th season.
  20. Robotics

    What's the last TV show you watched?

    The Good Place, season 1. I love it. It's hilarious and the setting is interesting and full of colors. Hoping to catch up on Season 2 soon.