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  1. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    the SF dares thread

    basically the idea is we dare each other to post random or embarrassing things. obviously no flaming or topic derailing, just silly nonsene for the sake of fun. we'll make a game of it, with 2 points for every (completed) dare first list - post in GD (minimum 2 sentences long, nothing...
  2. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    i h8 season 8

    thats right folks, i hate season 8! not at all. but slightly! confused? just look at this testimony! giving the simpsons the unlikeable roles in episodes this was a trend that happened a lot on s8, where instead of making us root for the simpsons the writers would give the likeable role to the...
  3. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    the jean era sucks more than jean sucks reiss

    my interest in simpsons discussion on the board has been at an all time low lately, and i just realized its probably because i hate most new episodes :-X watching "half decent proposal" in syndication last night made me think about its popularity, how most people on the board like it, and...
  4. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    premature e-joke-ulations 8===D~ ~ ~

    8===D~ ~ ~ premature e-joke-ulations worse than those stupid flags, worse than the pain gags, worse than introductory posts that unintentionally rhyme, i've noticed a writing trend of the scully era that basically epitomizes the "eh, this'll do" nature of the show during s9-12. i call these...
  5. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    what's the deal with airline peanuts and one-off character designs?

    this is a rant i made on msn that vox told me to make into a post, and then a thread, which was originally intended to be posted here: but anyway... i noticed looking at that huge poster how tame the designs were for one-off characters during s7...
  6. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    mike scully's secret to suck-cess

    for some reason it occured to me lately that there's a trend in all of the competitive themed episodes (sports, hobby, vocation) that mike scully showran. they always seem to be about the main character failing straight off the bat, and then eventually finding some way to cheat and/or lie to...
  7. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    "what happened to you, bart? you used to be cool" + season 16 finale review

    here's a fairly interesting conversation i had with vox nerduli today about bart's characterization in recent years (doubling as my review of father son and the holy gues star). it's pretty long, so i took the liberty of bolding my best... er, least bad points. enjoy not royzourboy123 (3:11:35...
  8. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    what was the last thing you saw homer eat?

    what was the last thing you saw homer ate? this may sound personal a bit but 2 many theard ideas have been used UP! for me it was gummy bears. :yummy:
  9. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    Anyone else sick of how yellow The Simpsons have become?

    Oh, maybe just me then. Anyway... The question of just how much input the credited writer of an episode has remaining in a finished script is never really clear. Most people with any knowledge of the writing process will say unless you're John Swartzwelder or George Meyer, the chances are less...
  10. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    Tim Long Announced to Replace Al Jean as Showrunner

  11. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    You know, maybe a jingle would help.

    Hey, General Discussion! Are you suffering from the heartbreak of... retard poster-itis? Then take a tip from Mr. Paul Anka! [Paul waves, begins playing a small synthesizer and singing] To stop those troglodytes, one-two-three, Here's a fresh new way that's trouble-free. It's got Paul...
  12. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    Scully = Savior. It's THAT Simple!

    With George Bush being re-elected, I thought it would be fitting to say some positive things about the Scully era. List and discuss your favorite episodes, jokes, panda rapes, etc from the lowest point in the show’s history here. Well, my favorite episodes from the Scully era include "The...
  13. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    "And Maude Flanders, wherever you are, we love you, and want you to come home."

    With the show's very loose restrictions on continuity and Mike Scully having altered character dynamics for the worse, would anyone care if Al Jean brought Maude Flanders back from the dead? I don't mean in a voodoo ritual kind of way, just if he put her back in the show. If starting from season...
  14. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    Tragedy + Time + Old Age - Tragedy & Time + The Simpsons = Comedy?

    I think most of us would agree that The Simpsons is an OK show, even better than Raymond at times, but through its impressive 60 year run, there’s been one demographic that’s never shared our unbridled enthusiasm. A group of people who view it as a show for kids, a group of people who unlike me...
  15. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    SNPP's Capsule for DABF01 - "Brawl in the Family" is Now Up Yeah, I'm pretty bored.
  16. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    The Reality of the NHC MEMBER Guest Rumor

    I'd like to take this moment to announce that the recent allegations regarding me appearing on The Simpsons next season are false. The article printed in the scandalous British Tabloid "Corr Blimey!" was sent to press without full confirmation. While there is some truth behind the rumor, the...
  17. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    “Holy Frathouse Comedy Cliché Batman!”

    The rumors are true.... old man Skinner wears a rug! Pretty trippy, huh? I'm assuming this is the cut scene the writers talk about on an audio commentary where they did a joke that revealed Skinner wears a toupee, but decided to lose it because it felt hackney. Does anyone know what specific...
  18. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    I Have a Blind Friend Who Can Only Hear Music… Wants to Get Into the Show

    Like any true fan of the show, when I'm not watching the Simpsons, or quoting the Simpsons, or writing Simpsons fanscripts, or soaking in my homemade Simpson's Jacuzzi, I need something that will remind me of the Simpsons - music by popular recording artists, featured on The Simpsons! This is...
  19. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    I'm Pregnant with Season Seven's Baby!

    With only speculation as your reasoning, when would you say the Simpsons writing staff was at its strongest? I guess the title of this thread gives away my answer, and if it doesn't, it's season seven. You want reasons? I'll give you raisins! Oakley and Weinstein on Executive Production =...
  20. Sloppy Jimbo XOX

    Al Jean Gets an "A"

    The following question is directed at the members of this board who have yet to grade a Jean era episode (or any post season nine episode) with full marks: Do you think there will ever be another truly A+ worthy episode? An episode that could sit comfortably in a top 30 list, for example. And...