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  1. Teddy


    Sucks that Sniper didn't win. My family and I really like Clint Eastwood :/
  2. Teddy

    The term ''anime'' yay or nay?

    I prefer the term Japanimation. I know a lot of people who think anime is completely different from cartoons. Some even get offended by the term "cartoon"
  3. Teddy

    Shoud cartoons have a season limit?

    IIRC, this was back in the early days of anime. So, 60s to 70s. Many of the animes had episode limits like that. There are many modern animes that last for 26-52 though. Even 13.
  4. Teddy

    The Phineas & Ferb Thread

    Hope this ends soon. As most, I enjoyed the first and some of the second season. Then it became too repetitive thus painful to watch.
  5. Teddy

    Shoud cartoons have a season limit?

    Yes. America should do like Japan once did. Have a 26-52 episode limit. that way we wouldn't have so many bad shows that are left on the air for 10 years.
  6. Teddy

    PieGuyRulz Haha He's better Enter, who always sounds angry (he actually uses his vids as stress relief).
  7. Teddy


    I used to like his videos, but his over analyzing became really tiring. The dude makes over 100 dollars per review from Patreon, has over 70,000 subs, and is making a cartoon called Growing Around "inspired" by a Shorty McShort.
  8. Teddy

    How Should Two and a Half Men End?

    Horrible. Couldn't even sit through 15 minutes. Aside from a few chuckles, it felt like a bad Looney Tune. yet it got over 13 MILLION viewers and almost every news stations said that it was "witty satire"..
  9. Teddy

    awful website designs kids deserve better.
  10. Teddy

    The doodle thread

    found this in a folder in my closet. :LOL:
  11. Teddy

    TV Tropes
  12. Teddy

    Rate the avatar of the above user

    7/10 Don't know where that's from, but the face is amusing.
  13. Teddy

    Ask the user below a question

    Yes. What's your most hated music genre (besides Rap lol)
  14. Teddy

    Awesome or Terrible?

    Eh. Cartoons?
  15. Teddy

    Ren and Stimpy fan? :)

    Ren and Stimpy fan? :)
  16. Teddy

    Disney's Big Hero 6

    Well, everyone on T.T is gushing about this film. Guess I gotta watch it!
  17. Teddy

    Teen Titans

    He nicknames the show "Toddler Titans" o.0
  18. Teddy

    Is it just me, or is this whole "Alex from Target" thing creepy as fuck?

    He's not even that cute. I don't get why he's getting nationwide attention. I've seen better. I'm positive that the girls going gaga over him are prepubescent lol
  19. Teddy


    The "Insert people of certain country, nationality" try food videos are okay. Mainly for the comments though. Other than that, it's basically Cracked, but crap.