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  1. Nitsy

    Rate & Review: "Ae Bonny Romance" (35ABF02)

    I agree. The episode seemed to really try and convince us that Bart's friendship with Willie meant something (especially when Bart stated that Willie was the only one who understood him), but it was a whole lot of telling, not showing. What was Bart feeling so misunderstood about? His dislike of...
  2. Nitsy

    Rate & Review: "Ae Bonny Romance" (35ABF02)

    Looks like this episode is quite divisive. I hate being so late to the party, but here we go: -Nice timely COVID reference, Nelson. Was it his mom who said that, or Kirk van Houten? -Eh, I'm not really bothered by Bart's fear of cooties here. I'm okay with him acting like an actual 10-year-old...
  3. Nitsy

    Have you seen another tv show besides the Simpsons

    Other than The Simpsons, the current shows I actively watch are: Family Guy Bob’s Burgers The White Lotus (assuming there will be a third season) South Park (is that still on?) Made in Abyss Mushoku Tensei Rick and Morty That’s about it. I’ve seen all kinds of other shows (Breaking Bad, The...
  4. Nitsy

    The Simpsons episodes worse than "Lisa Goes Gaga"?

    Lisa referring to Elon Musk as "the greatest living inventor" will go down as one of the most embarrassing lines ever uttered on The Simpsons. For that alone, I consider that episode worse than Lisa Goes Gaga.
  5. Nitsy

    Rate & Review: "It's a Blunderful Life" (OABF19)

    That was my exact thought when they showed the house unchanged. I thought for sure we'd see them in some new, futuristic mansion, given their love for showing The Simpsons "moving on up" in recent seasons. As much as the show's staff loves to upgrade and modernize all the settings, they know...
  6. Nitsy

    Is the Scully era becoming the Star Wars prequels?

    Right, we all watch for different reasons. I still watch Family Guy because I still find it funny. But often I do find myself thinking of it in terms of clips, since whole episodes are less likely to be quality. And I can't even begin to act like I care about characterization anymore when all...
  7. Nitsy

    Is the Scully era becoming the Star Wars prequels?

    People in the 2000s who thought the Star Wars prequels sucked were largely those who had seen the original trilogy of Star Wars, compared the prequels to them unfavorably, and came to that conclusion. Likewise, the people who thought the Scully era sucked were those who grew up watching The...
  8. Nitsy

    Jokes that seem to have a deeper layer of meaning, but don't?

    I can recall a lot of discussion about whether there was more to that joke, almost because its straightforwardness seems misleading, as in "that can't possibly be the whole joke".
  9. Nitsy

    Jokes that seem to have a deeper layer of meaning, but don't?

    @Captain Wacky Yeah, I contemplate all of that every time I watch that episode too. 😂 There’s also this: See, Jimi Hendrix is dead, so he can’t pick up his dog. That’s it.
  10. Nitsy

    Jokes that seem to have a deeper layer of meaning, but don't?

    Really? I never interpreted it that way. I always just thought it was funny because Milhouse is so proud of his cool nickname "Thrillhouse", but due to the 8-character limit in games of the time, "Thrillho" is all that fits and thus his nickname is much lamer for being truncated. I didn't think...
  11. Nitsy

    Rate & Review: "Iron Marge" (OABF22)

    -"If it's the most useless thing I ever do!" I smell a B-plot! -I do think Lisa is justified in hating Sherri; she was the one who made fun of Lisa's butt after all. -Interesting to see parents of kids whose parents we've never seen before. -"Half-tushied"? I'm trying to think if Lisa ever does...
  12. Nitsy

    Jokes that seem to have a deeper layer of meaning, but don't?

    This may be a fairly esoteric question, but I'm wondering if we can come up with a few examples of jokes that tend to be overanalyzed, as if there's something more there, but the joke itself seems to be that there isn't. An example would be a truant Bart referring to Skinner in pursuit as a...
  13. Nitsy

    Homer is no longer going to strangle Bart?

    Honestly I think it could’ve stopped after Behind the Laughter when Homer said of strangling Bart: “And that horrible act of child abuse became one of our most beloved running gags.”
  14. Nitsy

    Homer is no longer going to strangle Bart?

    It also doesn't play the same with HD animation. The wackiness of pre-digital classic era animation made it seem more cartoonish and unrealistic. It's a dated joke that simply doesn't work anymore, for various reasons. Based on clues from recent episodes (in "Bartless", Homer says "why you...
  15. Nitsy

    Rate & Review: "Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story" (OABF21)

    I just re-watched Meat is Murder. Definitely some similarities. It's ultimately more character-driven (it's more about Abe and Lisa than this episode was about Mr. Burns), but it's full of Succession-reference filler that means nothing to anyone who hasn't seen the show (i.e. exactly what a good...
  16. Nitsy

    Have you ever gone trick or treating before?

    I went trick-or-treating through the age of 12, and I took my daughter trick-or-treating for the first time this year. :D
  17. Nitsy

    What is your favorite list gag?

    List gags are often regarded as lazy or tedious, but are there any you consider to be good/funny? One that I've always liked is Brad Goodman's list of personality disorders (including "Geriatric Profanity Disorder") :lol:
  18. Nitsy

    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers "Running Down a Gene" (DASA03)

    This was a fun one, and I’m glad it leaned into Gene having actual songwriting talent because the show has been inconsistent on that.
  19. Nitsy

    Rate & Review: "Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story" (OABF21)

    I am quite familiar with the Theranos saga. I read the John Carreyrou book, I saw the documentary, I watched the dramatization. I know all the beats of the story. My first inclination is to think that this is well-trodden territory and I'm not sure we need a Simpsons take on it. In general I'd...
  20. Nitsy

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out (iOS/Android game)

    Luckily it has been working for me lately. It did require re-installing the app. But I was finally able to log into my EA account and I haven’t had another issue since.